Saturday, December 21, 2013

Year 3 Day 19

movie: Men In Black
starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones
genre: Comedy, Sci-fi
year: 1997
format: TV edit

plot: A cop is promoted to a very secret branch of the government, in order to help police extraterrestrials. After many decide to flee the planet, the agents uncover a plot to kill the prince of one planet, in order to gain access to a collection of galaxies.

Bit of a cult classic. Which, I just learned is based on a comic book.

You know, sometimes doing the write ups for these are easy, sometimes not so much. I don't like giving out spoilers, and even with movies that have been around for a few years, there's always the chance that someone hasn't seen it.
When it first came out a billion years 16-ish years ago, it was compared to X-Files and Ghostbusters, since then, it's become the reference point other movies/shows are compared to.

Did I learn anything?  Everyone looks slick in black. It's a buddy movie at the core, but manages to delve into some basic conspiracy theories, government plots, racism etc; without coming across in a vulgar way. Everything is diffused through the comedy and the abstract use of sci-fi.  But when people really look at classic horror and sci-fi that's usually somewhere in the heart of the matter. Demonizing that which is different.
It made me think of some of those cold-war styled movies from the late 80's/early 90's.

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