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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p36

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 95, chapter 95


"We need to see the Troll King." the Seer said

"Troll king?" our heroine asked.

"Yeah, about yay high." he replied holding his hand just around the middle of his chest. "Pointy ears, pointy chin, long greasy hair. He can..." the Seer started to make tiny circles then with his hand, a distant look crossing his face. " around the place like you wouldn't believe. Sometimes I think he's immune to gravity you know."

"And how will this help?"

"He's got something we need for opening a new portal. Sort of like a stabilizer. We get that, and we can focus on where we want to end up with the portal instead of randomly jumping."

"As in focusing on going back to where we started? So not only am I not getting home, you're still in danger." our heroine commented pushing her empty plate aside.

"I hate to say it, but maybe my Grandmother is right about you and Dagan? Maybe you're just not meant to leave him behind?" he shrugged rubbing his hand down his stomach patting it twice. "God I forgotten how good her cooking was."

"I don't need to hear that. Do you know just how many times he's slaughtered me? Too many to count." the female said. "Dagan is baggage. A lump of coal around my neck."

"The thing with coal is, that hidden inside there is always a diamond. You just need to apply the right amount of pressure and have some patience."

"Why would you care? Right now, you could start your own pack. Be the damned alpha." her voice rose as she turned to look anywhere but at the Seer.

"Really?" He threw his head back grabbing at his hair, then bent at the knees. "Oh why didn't I think of that? Grab you, shack up together for the night claiming you and steal the lock 'n' key. Be the head of it all. Thank you for that. Oh right, I can't! You are already claimed. We can shack up together till the end of time, as far as any other werewolf can tell, you're sealed to someone else! It's a type of sixth sense. Don't you get it? All the time you've spent with the guys, think you'd have some clue by now about how the rules! You were only useful in that regard before Dagan claimed you. It's like loosing your virginity, can only happen once! It's why he did it!"  the Seer pinched the bridge of his nose, eyes closed then. "He wins! And don't tell me that he didn't plan it that way, cause we both know he did! The rest of us were only a real threat as long as he didn't have a mate. Now he does, like it or not. Unless one of the rest of us, has the guts to challenge him full out in a death match, which no one wants, he's untouchable now. A mate remember, is automatic security. Like the werewolf equivalent of a crown."

"I said start your own. From scratch. Never said anything about claiming me. You know, for a werewolf, you don't hear very well."


The werewolf hesitated as he walked onto the property. He stopped cold, looking at the cabin, his head tilted to the side, his hands at his belt. Licking his lips, Dagan just didn't want to be there suddenly.

"You coming or what?" Rolf asked over his shoulder already at the porch steps, Reuben opening the door ahead of him.

"Ya, I..I'd don't know. Something doesn't feel right." Dagan scanned the area, his blue eyes darting around but not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

"I don't smell anything wrong." Rolf commented as he shrugged. "Suite yourself. I'm going inside." he growled as he followed Reuben.

Dagan rotated his shoulders and cracked his neck as if he were heading into a fight, then proceeded to walk around the edge of the property, still feeling like something was off.  A strange scent carried on the air that reminded him of a mix between sulfur and copper. Following it, he silently crossed one foot over the other, his hands now at his sides, fists flexing and unflexing.  He found himself standing on the very edge of the property, between the garden and the forest, something rustling the trees.
His eyes flashed the amber-grey of the wolf, as he snarled, turning towards the cabin for a second then back towards the trees. He didn't have time to react as the wind changed and a blinding light flashed twice forcing him to cover his delicate eyes.
The pain shot through his arm and chest again, knocking him on his back as he once again began to shift, unable to stop it. The werewolf felt someone then dragging him by the shoulders back through the dirt, the leaves, the garden itself, unable to recognize who it was through the pain. He heard too many voices calling his name, two male, one female, and more pain as his chest started to collapse in on itself. Blood and saliva pouring from his mouth, and as he rolled over, realized his nose.
Suddenly finding himself in wolf form, Dagan was able to breath again, his eyes still blurry from the flashes of light, but his nose was all he needed right then.
Taking a deep breath, the auburn coloured wolf managed to get up, and followed the scent that was coming off of the female like smoke. Growling, Dagan started to paw at the ground in front of him, his fangs sinking deep into the neck ripping a chunk; then the shoulder of the female as he pounced on her, knocking her to the ground. His muzzle was covered in blood as he snarled once more, before stepping away and willing himself back to human form.

Wiping the back of his hand across his mouth, he crouched beside Nosferatu's dead body and waited for what he knew was next.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Dagan was getting a bit soft wasn't he?)

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