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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p42

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 101, chapter 101

Reuben was hanging from a low branch by the knees, as he dropped the lifeless body. Burping, he flipped landing in one of his perfect shoulder rolls, springing to his feet.

Rolf turned his eyes up to look at his friend, a grin on his face. "Impressive. He must have been 300 pounds. You drained him in what, 45 seconds?"

Reuben stepped over the sailor's empty carcass as he walked towards his buddy, spitting out a chunk of the guy's flesh. "How's our girl doing?" he asked scratching at his ear. Rolf flicked his hair out of his eyes, laughing.

"She's at lest two ahead of you."

"Yeah, they're smaller guys."

"You're the one who wanted to challenge her to a drinking contest." he sniffed continuing his task of picking the pockets of their hunts. Our heroine appeared in front of them in a blur.

"The one was just filthy. I want to wash my mouth our with soap." she hooked her thumb over her shoulder scrunching up her nose.

"Yeah, you don't look so hot." Reuben commented. "You haven't all morning."

"Bad dreams. Creepy bad dreams." she proceeded to fill them both in on the details of the dream.

Rolf's eyebrows knitting together in worry. "This the first time you've had it?" he asked standing, shaking his head.

"No. I've been having them all week. Since...since my hair." she just felt odd saying since Dagan claimed her as his mate. Both werewolves exchanged a look. "What?"

"White wolf." Rolf cleared his throat not looking at her. "Are you sure?" he licked his lips as the colour drained from his face, making the large male completely ashen. "Well...uh..." he stared at his shoes, his palms suddenly sweating. "It's just a myth mind you, but female..." he felt a shiver crawl up his spine. "Female werewolves are said to have a dream about a white wolf, wolves actually; when they are about to have a liter. Supposedly the number of white wolves in the dream is said to be the number in the liter. But it's a myth, and with you being can't even have..."

"Could it just mean we're going to meet some white werewolves?" she asked suddenly feeling sick.

Rolf stood there making a chewing motion, as he let his hair fall back into his eyes. "There are no white werewolves."

"You think it means anything?" Reuben asked little while later as he and Rolf buried their leftovers. Rolf shook his head, as another shiver crawled across his spine.

"I think we should hold off saying anything to Dagan till we know for sure."

Reuben turned to the female who was sitting at the edge of the pond. "You good? You okay?"

"I still prefer your blood. Those two humans seemed...tasteless. Like water. Your's is thicker, like a jolt of caffeine."

The dark haired male smiled at her, leaning on her shoulder, his eyes cast down. "You'll get used to it." he patted her stomach. "You already seem brighter. Like you're I mean, not glowing but..." She half turned her upper body to stare at her friend. Reuben was in mid-pat when she did, his hand landing on her ribs just under her boob. He then started to push on her ribcage. "Just checking."

"Wanna check your head for a brain too?" she reached up to gently tug on his hair. "Dude, not pregnant. Can't remember. But, gotta say love the fact that the very idea freaks you out so much. The big bads who have done it and seen it all, scared of a myth."


Dagan felt his legs start to cramp up, stretching out his back. Letting out a deep sigh, he bent to clean up the alter.

"What's with the page?" the male asked, leaning against a large tree.

"The wolves are dying. Magically. I don't have any leads and need help." he said letting his arms slap against his thighs.  Loki smirked as he crossed his arms, Dagan staring at the area above his head, almost afraid to look at him. The god who stood there looked nothing like Dagan had remembered.
Today, he was 5foot 10 with pale skin and brown eyes, jet black hair that was spiked, muscular arms, a square jaw and dressed in jeans and a grey t-shirt that simply had the word Detroit on it. 
The god of shapeshifters, the ultimate trickster.

"What, you don't like this outfit? Your girl does." he tapped his skull. "You should see what's swimming around in her mind. All those sharp edges in there." he winked at Dagan, moving around him, his hand on the werewolf's shoulder. "Have you ever thought that I sent her to you for a reason?"

"You put her in my path?"

Loki smiled again. "In a manor of speaking, yes. What, you really think the Magic Ninjas would bother to play the mating game? Please. They're all about serving Osiris. Balance the souls." he spun around on his heels tapping Dagan's skull.

"What are you going to do about then wolves then?" Dagan asked, his voice weak.

"Me? Nothing. I can always make more. The question is what are you going to do about it? Why is it bothering you so much? What are you afraid of?" the god said poking him in the middle of his spine with a thumb.

"I don't have any leads!" he closed his eyes swallowing hard.

"Yeah, you said that already. Stop trying to look at it logically with a reasonable mind. You're a creature of instinct."  Loki's voice seemed to have a sing song to it, as the god smiled picking a leaf from the nearest tree and chewing on it.

"My instincts are useless. I can't trust them anymore."

"Back to your girl again I see." Dagan snarled at him. "Speaking of which. I've left her a few presents. Or what have you. Her dreams are an interesting playground. This outfit was the starring role in many of her daydreams. If I was you, I'd be jealous, very jealous." he chomped on the leaf like gum before spitting it out.

"How''d it even happen?" Dagan asked his right knee twitching, hands at his belt. Loki raised an eyebrow.

"You know how." a small orb of green light suddenly appeared in his hand as he tossed it back in forth.

Dagan rolled his eyes, scratching at his forehead. "I mean, she and I aren't exactly in love. It should have been just..." he shrugged his shoulders as if embarrassed.

"Just shacking up. Sire bond remember. Trumps everything. Look, I don't make the rules...oh yeah I do." Loki moved closer, one foot in front of the other as if he were dancing. "But this one, not completely my rules. Banshee,vampires, not my jurisdiction." he let the orb drop to his shoe as he balanced it on the top of his foot for a few minutes before getting bored. Blowing on it, the orb disappeared.

"Then who? Who do I need to pray to in order to unbind us?"

"She's one of Bacchus's little pets. But ask yourself, if that's really what you want?" he grunted as he screwed up his nose at the werewolf. "Cause, the way you've been acting making sure the sire bond is strong, the jealous husband act, nice job by the way had me convinced more then once, not too mention twice it was severed and you did all but jump through hoops to create it again. That doesn't sound to me like a man who wants a divorce."  Loki winked at him. "Ask your mate about those dreams of hers. The ones she's been hiding from you." he shimmered and disappeared.
Dagan turned to pick up the summoning alter when he was startled, falling on his butt. Loki leaned over him. "Do you ever listen to what I tell you? I dropped a clue into that noodle bowl of yours days ago." he smacked him on the head. "Between your nightmares and her's, you two have the answers."

"So you won't help?"

"You want a meeting with Bacchus?"  he snapped his fingers as another figure appeared behind him. Bacchus stood 5foot 11, blue eyes, shaggy sandy coloured hair, muscular arms as well, and in the same t-shirt with the word Detroit on it.

"Ho.What's going on here?" he asked smiling.

"Bach! Thought I'd tag you in."

"This your little pet that's bonded to my latest pet?" 

Loki nodded. "He's refusing to listen." he scratched his cheek. "He seems to think he can take a count out on our little tlc match."

"What?" Bacchus clapped his hands then brought them up palms upward from his sides. "Before the main event? That's bad form." he started to pace a few steps, making small circles with his hand as he did. "Look see, you're not the lead actor in this play. You're actually the prelude. My vamp, we've got big plans for her down the line. You're just..." he sucked in air between clinched teeth. "...what she has to go through to prepare herself. You're just round one. You and that scooby gang of fuzzbuckets."  Dagan growled as he got to a kneeling position, ready to pounce. Bacchus held out his hand freezing him in place. "Bottom line, I had you two connected for a reason. Bending the rules so that you activated her vampirism and binding yourselves in a sire bond, is necessary."  Bacchus looked at Loki then. "If my tag partner here says he's already given you two answers to things, then trust me, you've got them." he waved his hand unfreezing Dagan. "Well go."
They watched Dagan get up, walking backwards a few steps, sniffing loudly before turning around and moving at werewolf speed.  Bacchus then smiled at Loki. "Where did you dig up these outfits?" he asked raising his hand studying it.

"The mind of your female pet." he smiled nodding.

Bacchus grunted. "Interesting taste. Hang on." he closed his eyes then laughed. "Yeah, seems you are missing a detail." he snapped his fingers as two tag team championship belts appeared on both his and Loki's shoulders. "Seems my fanged pet project prefers these two outfits with these metallic trinkets." he patted his.

Loki scratched his jaw. "I like it." he winked "Your pet really has a thing for this wrestling."

"I incinerated one of my old pets because I was tired of dealing with them expecting all of us to look like something out of an anime cartoon." Bacchus shuddered.

"Hey. Why don't you say, since we've got these outfits on, replacing the real guys for a few months?" Loki raised an eyebrow a spark in his brown eyes.

"Sure what the hell." Bacchus shrugged slapping the tag belt. "I've got not scheduled till May's Eve anyway."   Both shimmered and disappeared. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  I really miss the MMG Now that was a tag team.)

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