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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p37

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 96, chapter 96

Dagan sniffed as he jabbed his thumb into her side, waiting but nothing happening. He poked at her again, this time leaving a mark. Our heroine arched her back as the scream tore from her.  Dagan had to turn his face slightly, wincing one eye squeezed shut.  "Sweetheart, welcome back." he snarled at her as he stood. Letting out a deep sigh, the male turned to see that Leo had been the one who had dragged him through the yard. Saying nothing, Dagan then reached out his hand for the female to take, an unreadable expression on his face. She was barely on her feet when he turned walking at lightening speed back into the forest, dragging her behind him. "I'm tired." he mumbled as he finally stopped once they were far enough away from the other werewolves. "You..." he pressed his finger dead center on her forehead. "You exhaust me. You know. You left and I had no memory of you." he leaned towards her nodding. "Rolf though, the big softy that he is, did everything he could to make me remember." he squared his jaw not looking at her. "Why didn't..why didn't you just stay gone? Why'd you even leave in the first place? Huh?" he shrugged. "I don't understand why..." another shrug as he moved a half step, one hand at his waist the other pointing at her. "Why I even care? But I do. Blame it on the sire bond, or the claiming. I don't know anymore."

"Might have to do with both? Or you know your family's curse." she replied crossing her arms. "Either way, we're stuck it with each other for the rest of this life."

Dagan's wrist was suddenly under her nose. "You eat yet?" he tapped his arm twice. "I mean..." he closed his eyes bowing his head an inch. "You don't smell like you've fed in the last few hours."

"Actually, I am chalk full of Reuben. Long story."

"My family's not cursed." he mumbled, titling his head to stare up at her from under his lashes.

"Yeah, yeah it is. Another long story. Clipped version, cheating husband angry wife, big spell that messed with many generations."

His wrist was still in her face, as Dagan sighed rolling his eyes. The weight then of his other hand at the back of her skull forced her a few centimeters forward, smashing her nose on his arm. "I just drained a few liters, your turn." he let his eyes flash the amber-grey. "The sire bond was completely broken. scared me. At first, you know when I realized what was going on. Then..." he pouted, another shrug which he held for a few seconds like a turtle retreating into it's shell. "Nothing.. Didn't remember a thing. Horrible chest pains, but otherwise, nothing. Didn't remember you or the last month. All these reminders of stuff, Rolf being the worst one. Refused to let me forget. Then, there you were again, and the pain in my chest was back. Literally." he tapped his chest in the middle where his heart chakra was. "And I remember everything. Ev-ery-thing." he dragged out the word rolling his eyes again. "So we have some siring to get back to, some bonding to catch up on."

"God, there really are two sides to you." the female struggled with the sentence, too much saliva suddenly in her mouth, her gums aching. She couldn't resist anymore, the blood was pounding in her ears now, threatening to drive her over the edge, echoing like a river sloshing in a cave. The scent of it, of him, of the sweat mixed with the soil from the garden clinging to him, the blood on the corner of his mouth he'd missed. Her blood. It was too much. Grabbing his arm, the vampire bit down hard, hearing the puncture of flesh, feeling him tense and slightly turning his arm as he had second thoughts.

The werewolf snickered, sticking his tongue out panting as if in wolf from still. He'd won yet again. Ripping his wrist away he cracked his neck. "That's enough. I'm getting dizzy."

Nosferatu nodded, wiping her mouth as she moved from him. Then she stopped, turning to stare at Dagan. It was the first time she'd looked at him, not just looked over the male; at his beauty, but really examined him.
For all the cruelty and rage he had, that Dagan used to fool others into thinking there was more to him, that he used to allow others to feel like they knew better about the nice guy underneath it being the real gold, for this dark side; there was truly a lost hurt creature there too. Too bad for the female standing there sired to him, at lest with the cruel side of him she knew where she stood. But the sweet good guy, his emotional baggage was too much to bare. It was Dagan who frightened her the most. She had to admit, she really did prefer Ripper.

Leo Stood on the porch steps, his arms crossed over his chest as the Seer told the others what had happened. The smile on Leo's face brightened up his eyes as he watched the female take the stairs, crossing to him. She hugged him, the werewolf burying his nose in her hair sniffing deeply.

"You okay?" she asked.

He nodded, the smile never leaving his lips. "You have to stop disappearing. Reuben will think you're not available." he winked then leaned closer. Whispering in her ear forcing her to strain so the other shapeshifters couldn't hear. "I had a vision of you dressed in a white gown, a crown of flowers, standing in front of an alter with Reuben and a god blessing you." he nodded again holding her then at arm's length. "When I was in the coma, a very long time ago."

"Are you sure you weren't dreaming of yourself there hon?" she teased moving into the cabin. Dagan appeared in her spot suddenly, cracking his neck then his still healing wrist as he held it where she'd fed.

"Don't do that." he said shaking his head.

"Do what?" Leo asked leaning back against the wall of the cabin, one hand at his belt the other scratching at his ear. 

"That." Dagan pointed towards the others, then poked Leo in the chest. "I'm the alpha, that's my insurance policy."  Leo grabbed Dagan's hand breaking it before walking away. The younger wolf growled as he began to follow him, but the feel of Nosferatu's hands at both his elbows stopped him enough that Dagan swayed back on his heels spinning around to glare at her.

"Na, you know what?" she stepped back hands in the air in a surrender. "Let him rip you a new air duct. We could use the entertainment."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Team Leo or Team Dagan?)

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