Monday, December 16, 2013

Year 3 Day 14

movie: John Dies in the End
starring: Rob Mayes, Chase Williamson
genre: Comedy, Sci-fi
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: Two druggies find themselves fighting alien zombies after taking a hit of a parasitic drug that opens not just their minds, but the doorways to other worlds.

When I saw this title, I had to see this film.

Originally a webstory turned novel, this story covers pretty much everything. Anything that has captured the attention of sci-fi fans and detective stories for generations is here.  The title is misleading as far as the movie goes - I have not read the book - as John doesn't actually die in the end as much as the beginning.

If you've been reading my stuff much at all over the years, you've seen me say a million times over that I don't care for zombie stuff, but this has such a different take on the topic that I forgot after a few minutes that it fell into that category.
I loved the touches of H.P. Lovecraft in this, with the portal jumping creature and the hallucinations. You're never truly sure what you are seeing.

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