Friday, March 14, 2014

Coffee talk March 14th 2014

I wish I had something cute to tell you. My lovely Spudguns! (Have I called you all that on this particular blog at all? I can't even remember. My older regular readers from my other blogs will understand) but, sadly I don't.

I think I have hit a small wall. Not a large "oh my god we're going to die in a firey hell of pain and windshield splatters" but an "okay, I hate waiting in line behind people who are as slow as cold molasses on a February morning".

Translation there for you... I've briefly run out of movies. I know, you're thinking "there are a few billion movies on the planet, how can this stupid bat have run out?"
Well, the whole purpose of this blog challenge thingie was to watch one different movie a night for a year and talk about it. Key word being different.
I've run through the current Netflix Canada and the current Shaw Video On Demand, and more then half my own movie collection (it seems I have more older movies on vhs then I originally thought, and am reluctant to use the vcr more then twice a year in case it dies on me) not too mention, since Blockbuster left Canada three years ago, there isn't really any video rental places here anymore. Lest, not the crappy little town I live in.

This was one of the issues I faced last year, and one of the reasons that year 2 -all vampire year- failed. I found myself way too quickly covering vampire movies that I had covered in the past both on here and in general on my all vampire themed blog...(sticks tongue out taking deep breath realizing that if I had been speaking out loud would be gasping for air) And, some of you might have noticed that the last few weeks, the movies have not been every day.
The first year was a breeze really. With everything just like a brand new shinny tag team championship ready for the wearing, but here I am, smackdown in the middle of year 3 having already talked about roughly 450 movies (seriously I haven't bothered to count up all from year one, the random ones/vampire ones from year 2 or so far in year 3, I'm guessing it's about 450 total)

So tonight, I found myself putting in "Julie/Julia" into the dvd player. Going back to the beginning of it all. But, I can't count it, as I talked about it before on the very first day of the blog, and on the last day of the first blog year.
Okay, maybe just a little chat on it... as I was sitting there tonight watching this film for what must be the 50th time, I started thinking about how the challenges the two women created for themselves around the cookbook made them examine their own goals and how they interacted with everyone around them.  They each knew what their big passions in life were, and found a way to express that.
I can not explain what it is about this movie, this story (which is in turn two stories) that keeps drawing me back to it? There's a quiet strength in it. In the telling of these parallel lives. An understanding that nothing is as bad as it seems. (and now I want to listen to old Manowar tapes)

Then I started to think about cookbooks, and personal recipe books. That will be another topic for another day, as I realize how long this ramble is tonight. I had just meant to come in here and explain why this year's challenge is spread out so much right now. I just need to get my hands on a new stack of movies.

This little bat is heading into graveyard shift and my coffin break is over, see you in the daylight.
till later

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