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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 122, chapter 122

Three weeks ago...

The auburn wolf jumped from one rock to the other, his nose to the ground, having caught the scent of a deer. Crossing a shallow stream, he stopped, a sound in the distance having tickled at his ears. Turning to look in the direction it was coming from, the wolf couldn't ignore it. Dinner would have to wait.

He followed the low wheezing till he came upon a timber wolf. It was a female, and she was wounded, her front paw sliced badly, bite marks covering her. The auburn wolf sniffed, the scent of blood heavy as he ran over to investigate. Growled his ears were flat, his fur bristling, as he realized she'd been attacked by a dog. Most likely one of the Queen's hunting dogs. The timber wolf was having a difficult time as her breathing was labored and he knew she'd starve out here alone unable to hunt. The auburn wolf licked his chops as he disappeared into the nearest batch of trees, finding a small rabbit bringing it to her. Noticing her pack was nowhere to be found, the auburn wolf moved around the area, catching the pack's scent everywhere.

Howling a few times, he stretched out beside her and waited with her till they returned.

Four hours ago...

Rolf filled a flask from a shallow stream. Crossing, he stopped as he crouched by the edge of the bank. The large male smiled as he ran his hand down the length of the nearest tree trunk. Someone had carved a spiral into it's base. He didn't need to guess who, it was a bad habit Dagan had when he was bored. Turning right, the large male followed the line of trees till he caught the scent of a timber wolf. Actually, many scents as he discovered a full pack. Whistling the werewolf sat down, not more then fifty feet from them, and waited to be noticed.

It only took a few minutes before the timber wolves crept slowly, cautiously to where he was, the pack alpha sniffing once he was less then ten feet away. Raising his muzzle to the sky, the leader howled, as he stopped and turned as if looking for permission to continue. That's when Rolf saw him.

He was in wolf form, a good two feet larger then the timber wolves, his auburn fur dirty, blood staining his muzzle. There was no mistaking him as Dagan sauntered over to his buddy.  Rolf shook his head laughing to himself as he raised an eyebrow. Even in wolf form, Dagan was as cocky as ever. The large wolf sniffed the male's face before headbutting him.

"We've got a lot to catch up on. But first, how about you hit the showers cause you stink."

The auburn wolf snorted as he shook his head slumping to the lake. Rolf had a campfire started and a small deer caught by the time Dagan pranced up to him again. The auburn wolf stretched out, his tongue hanging out of his mouth panting. Rolf rolled his eyes at him. "You going to change?" The wolf grunted giving a snort. "You realized you can't continue to live strictly as a wolf. Not with this adopted pack. It's mating season. They will be expecting you to choose one of the females." he flicked his long hair out of his face. "Dude, come on. That's just wrong even for us."

The wolf grunted again, moving a few feet, transforming. Many of the timber wolves yelped as they backed away farther, the sounds of bones snapping and vocal cords realigning frightening a few of them.  But one female timber wolf didn't seem to be afraid. Bowing her head, she slowly moved towards them. Dagan crouched down as the magic mist engulfed him leaving a pair of black pants in it's wake, and reached out his hand to pet the animal.

"Meet Matilda." The timber female closed her eyes, leaning her muzzle into his hand. "The pack was going to abandon her when I first got here because she had been injured."

"You explain to your little groupie here that you've got a mate?" Rolf snickered.

"You're gross you know that."

"I learned from the best." he replied popping a chunk of deer meat into his mouth.

"You need to go back to your pack now." Dagan said in a near whisper, his voice taking on a sing-song. "We need to get back to our own."  The timber wolf whimpered as the werewolf  tried to push her away. She wouldn't budge, forcing Dagan to pick her up and carry her a few feet back to the pack. He barely made it five feet back, when he felt her smash into his knee, having followed him again. He let out a grunt turning pointing towards the rest of the timber wolves. "Go." the timber female just wrapped herself around his knees, her face brushing against his other hand, headbutting it. "Okay, you can come with us if you think you can keep up. But just so you know..." he lowered his chin, eyebrows knitted together. "I only date vampires."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story...ah Dagan, Dagan, Dagan...)

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