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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p25

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 127, chapter 127

The Seer tilted the popcorn tub towards her, leaning in asking if she'd seen the movie before.

"Yeah, when I was younger." our heroine answered, taking a handful of the buttery offering.

"Me too. Five times. What a coincidence. You know, the movie was shot almost completely in an abandoned warehouse in the spring in 1941."

"That's not true." they turned to see Dagan now right behind them, He sat forward, a pair of glasses on his face, a bottled water being taken from the leather messenger's bag, along with a small freezer baggie of candy. "The movie was actually shot in the course of a weekend in the fall of 1941, and it wasn't an abandoned warehouse, it was an old tire factory that the guy playing the mummy's ghost owned." He started chewing on a gummy worm then grunted holding out the baggie to our heroine.

"You know anyone can look stuff up." The Seer commented.

"I didn't look it up."

"Then why should we believe you?" the Seer continued to challenge him.

"Cause I have no reason to lie, and it's the truth." he reached into the leather bag again, removing a dvd. "I watched the commentary this morning."

"Dude, if you've got a copy of the movie, why are you here?" the Seer's voice took on a slightly high pitch of annoyance.

Dagan shrugged. "I was bored." he held up his hand as he started rummaging around once again in the pockets of the messenger's bag. "Are you allergic to anything?" he asked.

"No." our heroine said.

"Only to Trekkie nerds with bad timing." the Seer snorted. Dagan ignored him, handing each of them a homemade tart.

"My next door neighbour is this drag queen who owns a bakery, up near the airport, Headless Flamingo, and he is forever trying out recipes. He gave me a dozen of these this morning when I was leaving for work."

"Headless Flamingo...and their raspberry tarts, thanks for the visual." our heroine mumbled as she bit into one. "Damn these are good."

"Wait till you try his nut balls."   Both the Seer and our heroine nearly choked on the tarts. Dagan rolled his eyes, nodding. "It's a chocolate roll thing, with almonds and cashews."

"I figured." our heroine replied.

Another sneeze echoed through the room. Dagan turned noticing Rolf. "Sorry." he blew his nose once again, tucking the handkerchief in his right pocket, getting a clean one from his left. Dagan grabbed something from the side pouch of the messenger's bag.

"Hey, catch." he tossed it at Rolf. The massive male caught the item in his right hand, sniffing. Flipping it over, he realized it was a package of sinus pills. He took two before getting up and returning the package. Rolf then took the seat beside Dagan, just behind Nosferatu's left shoulder.

"Thanks man." Rolf rubbed his eyes. Dagan nodded holding out the candy bag.


"Even in this reality, the group is collecting together." Loki commented, stuffing popcorn into his mouth. "Once a pack, always a pack."

Bacchus scratched at his chin, wagging his finger at him. "Well, we knew that. That's not the question. The question is, will our female be better with one of the other guys? Will she pick a different wolf?"

"Uh...she didn't pick Dagan. You picked Dagan for her."

"Yes I did and I stand behind my choice. Besides, you're forgetting she did choose Victor, Dagan's uncle and dead ringer."

"Another situation you set into motion." Loki tossed the popcorn in the air, trying to catch it in his mouth, missing more then he caught.

"Quite genius actually." Bacchus replied.


Our heroine watched as Dagan started to remove his shirt, changing it out for a fresh one. "I love how men can be half naked in public and not get arrested. You officially have more in that bag then I have in my purse." she gestured to the male just as the mad scientist started to monolog with the vampire hunter about his big evil plan to destroy the world.

"I've learned to live out of it." he answered.

"Am I seeing things, or is that who I think it is back there?" Rolf asked, hooking his thumb over his shoulder towards Reuben.

"Yes. That's him." The Seer answered, feeling smug as he adjusted himself in his seat so that he was halfway facing both males and still able to look at the movie screen.

"What do you think he's doing here?"

"Maybe he had a day off?" Dagan said, nosily chewing on another tart. "Movie stars are people too. Just with better hair." he mindlessly began scratching at his jaw as he turned to look over his shoulder at him.

"Maybe he's researching a part? I heard he's just signed to play a vampire hunter in the latest Death by Demonic Stereo film." the Seer was quick to reply, nodding, his eyes closed.

"I think I heard about that." Rolf leaned forward, grabbing a hold of the edge of our heroine's chair. "It's it like number eight in the series? Didn't the hunter die in part seven, at the hands of the scarecrow that was reincarnated with the voodoo curse?"

"Na, that was part five you're thinking of." Dagan butted in. "Part seven the guy was killed fighting the reanimated corpse of his dead wife who had been slaughtered by the mutant jellyfish farmer." he turned again to look at Reuben. "Let's just ask." Springing to his feet, Dagan screamed at the back of the room. "Dude, duder...buddy..." he jumped over the rows, making his way up the stairs crouching beside Reuben.
The two males chatted for the whole of the big monster reveal scene before Dagan stood back up, making his way back to where everyone was sitting. "Okay, you were half right. He did sign on to do the next two movies in the Death by Demonic Stereo series, but he's not researching hunters or anything. He was suppose to do a meet and greet two buildings over but it got cancelled. So he's just hanging out."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Monster Mash anyone?)

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