Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 124, chapter 124

"You ever going to allow yourself to mourn his death?" The Seer asked as they collected firewood. The three of them had traveled east for the last day, the Seer having had another vision of the mysterious witch. Our Heroine shrugged.

"Reuben is in mourning enough for everyone." she turned to look at the young werewolf. "I've been dreaming about Dagan. Every night since I woke up in that cell." she started to bite her lip.

"What kind of dreams?" he asked as he piled another armload of firewood on to her already heavy load. Turning around, he nodded as he walked over to a small tree grabbing it by the base of the trunk, pushing it over, breaking pieces off. He made a sound of pride as he began to pile them together.

"Just dreams. He's just always there you know. Not doing anything, not saying anything. Sometimes, human, sometimes wolf. It's like he's haunting me or something."

"Maybe he is?"  the werewolf said not looking at her, screwing up his face as he pretended to exert himself with the task of breaking up the tree for firewood.

"Yeah but why?"

"Um...sire bond, the fact you are...were his mate, sorry slip of the tongue there. The whole Frankenstein family curse. The fact you're not allowing yourself to mourn him. All the above. Option C...oh wait that's someone else...nevermind." the Seer scratched the back of his skull, letting out a deep breath. "How do you feel in these dreams? Scared? Like he's angry at you? What?"

The female looked down at her shoes, they were blue canvas tennis shoes that whomever it was that had dressed her in the cell had picked for her, along with the way too large dress. "Safe actually. Protected. That's weird isn't it?"

The Seer shrugged "Why would you think that's weird? Again, let me remind you of the fact he was your mate. Safe, protected is what you should feel about Dagan."

"For starters, Ripper did just that. Ripped me to shreds every chance he got..."

"Oh you're pulling that card are you?"

"Yes, I am pulling that card. Second, you've had a slip of the past/present tense tongue twice in two minutes. What are you hiding? Vision?"

The Seer ran his hand gently down her arm, his seduction spell relaxing her in waves. "Not hiding anything. I just see things differently remember." he blinked, his mouth slightly open, lips forming a crocked smile then a perfect 'o' shape. "And to burst your self loathing bubble, Dagan stopped ripping you to shreds every chance he got once you became his mate. Have you ever bothered to ask yourself why?"

"No. Just glad it stopped." she closed her eyes. "And then Reuben started up on it..." she paused, tilting her head to the side eyes wide open again. "...and I stopped being his favourite chew toy when he made me his mate too. Okay pattern."

"Think about it. Fangs, sharp pointy body parts penetrating flesh..." he gestured wildly with his hand before giving her the finger.

"Got the metaphor. Okay, now I feel stupid. Like twelve year old nun stupid." she blushed, ducking her chin to the armload of firewood resting her face on it. The Seer smirked as he grabbed the pile from her, heading back to the camp.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Anyone else catch that they are handling wood...)

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