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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p28

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 130, chapter 130

"I saw that movie you did back few years ago, the one about the guy with the split personality who thought he was pastry chef but was really a trained assassin..." Rolf commented to Reuben.

"Yeah, I had to spend six months training for that one." he replied.

"Oh yeah, like for the boxing scenes?"

"No, the cooking scenes. I told my director that when I say I do my own stunts, I mean all of them. You have any idea how difficult it is to make a perfect souffle?  Dude, it's more stressful then getting punched in the face." he shook his head, running his hand over his beard. "I've seen guys get split open, bleeding half to death and keep going, but try being in a hot kitchen on your feet for eighteen hours a day, brutal."

Rolf laughed, as he shook his head at the other male. "Well, that's new." he turned looking at the chick sitting in the back of the screening room with the Seer. "Well, I guess it would come in handy for impressing dates." his eyes became slits. "What do you think about that girl?"

Reuben turned to look at the two sitting in the back of the room. "She's hot. And if you're thinking about stealing her from that guy sitting up there, go for it."

"Yeah, she's..." Rolf nodded, his lips in a duck bill. "...actually I was talking about Nosferatu." 

Reuben's eyes went wide as he gave a silent laugh, his mouth open. Nodding, he gestured towards the aisle. "Whatever gets you through the night man. I'm not one to judge."

"Not your style?" Ash said suddenly, returning from the men's room.

Reuben grunted licking his lips. "Everyone's my style." he raised his eyebrows staring at Ash giving him the once over. "Speaking of..." he nodded in the direction of the door, as Nosferatu walked back in alone carrying her drink. She smiled at the group of men, and then decided to take a seat in the first row on the far right of them. Reuben gestured to the seat right beside him. "What the hell, we not good enough for you anymore?"
He watched as she hesitated, then moved over to where they were. She hooked her thumb over her shoulder towards the Seer and the new chick who were still sitting in the back of the screening room.

"I just guys would have a better offer." her voice seemed to loose all strength as she cast her eyes down suddenly very interested in her shoes.

"The offer might be better but not worth the investment." Rolf commented as he reached out his left hand gently punching her shoulder. He pulled his arm back with a yelp as our heroine jumped nearly a foot off the ground.  Both were wide eyed, our heroine placing her open palm at her throat, her drink spilled.

"What the hell was that?" Rolf asked as he moved out of his seat.

"Static electricity?" Ash replied.

"Na, na. I've never seen giant blue sparks like that with static electricity." Reuben said. "Are you two okay? There must be some loose wires or something in here?" he jumped up and started to check the floor around them, then the nearest seats.


"Did you just see that?" Bacchus asked pointing to the window of the projection room. Loki shook his head, having been leaning out of the doorway, bored.

"Did someone finally make a date?"

"No. Rolf touched Nosferatu and there were bolts of blue lightening."

Loki's shoulders slouched as he quickly moved back across the tiny projection room. Pointing to the group, the dark haired god knitted his eyebrows together in question. "That's impossible. There's never been a connection between those two. Barely friends."

"Something just happened." Bacchus replied, his voice raising in confusion. He let out a small sound as he tried to process the information."I...I know she's never even tasted his blood, nor him hers." the sandy haired god covered his mouth, then ran his hand over the back of his neck. "There was that one day when she'd touched Rolf's arm just like that and there were small sparks, a jolt. The shifter shrugged it off to having garlic on his hands." he let out another sigh of exasperation. "Call the magic ninjas now. See if those two clowns have anything to say about it?"

"Why on earth would they have anything to do with it?"

"Cause they granted Rolf magic he wasn't suppose to have." Bacchus answered. He shook his head, a dark cloud of anger turning his eyes pitch black then white. "Let's just hope this is a bit of magical residue and nothing serious."

"In the meantime, are you ready to pull them out of this reality?" Loki asked, punching the air.

"No, this world is binding their powers. Why I picked it, get a clean reading on them. We'll leave them here until after you talk to the magic ninjas."   Loki nodded and shimmered disappearing. "Okay Rolf, what are you hidding?"


"I didn't find any wires, or loose electrical cords or anything that would explain what that was. And neither of you have any kind of surgical implants that might have caused it?" Reuben asked completely intrigued by the event. Rolf shook his head, while our heroine seemed to relax suddenly. Removing her sweater, she rolled up her sleeve to show them her arm.

"When I was seventeen, I fell shattered my arm. I've got two rods, a few plates, screws." her voice trailed off, as her eyes once again began to examine her shoes.

"I can't imagine how painful that must have been." Ash replied, his own hand hovering around her shoulder, unsure if he should touch her, afraid more giant bolts of electricity would hit him too. Our heroine shrugged.

"You learn to deal with the pain."   A hand suddenly appeared at her arm, strong pale fingers gliding over the exposed flesh of her arm.

"Cool scars."  Our heroine turned to see Dagan had returned, and was hovering over her right side. She said nothing, just pointed to the side of his face. "What?"

"Mustard." she whispered.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Just feeling a little Twiztid this morning.)

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