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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 123, chapter 123

Reuben dropped the ropes he was using to drag the two bears as he made it to the camp. The werewolf was still breathing heavy, his hair now plastered to his shoulders from sweat. "Where's the Seer?"

"He needed to go feed his sidhe side, why?" our heroine said, getting up from her spot against a tree.

"Did he get the locator spell done?" Reuben asked as he started to pace a bit, obviously still pumped from the hunt.

"The basic didn't work, but it drained him. Hence the need to feed."  The male grabbed the nearest large branch of the tree, using it for a round of chin ups. Landing firmly on his feet, he flicked his hair out of his face, stalking towards her. Glaring at her from under his lashes, the werewolf smiled. "You good?" she asked.

"After the lack of hunting we faced for all that time in the hall of doors, I really needed this." he gestured to the dead bears, as he planted his right arm against the tree, sniffing her. "Adrenaline's still hot." he rocked towards her, his eyes at half mast.

"Hard not to notice from the angle I was sitting." our heroine remarked. "Something tells me you're considering asking for an invitation."  The male said nothing just sniffed again rubbing his other hand over his beard twice, making a sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a sigh.

"We're alone. No one's watching. And like I said, the blood's still pumping from the hunt. Energy to burn." Reuben bent his nose to her collar bone, nuzzling her. "I know since day one, you've thought about it." He winked. " You haven't exactly been subtle or shy about liking me." he licked her neck. "And when I made you my mate, I wasn't really myself. Full moon ritual and all."

"Roo, if I thought you really wanted me, there wouldn't be a real need for an invitation." He pulled his face away from her, a look of shock in his eyes. "You claimed me cause you didn't have a choice. You're my mate now. You may need an invitation, but without one, you're not getting to use me or anyone for as long as we're both still alive." she grabbed his wrist, bringing his hand up, entwining her pale slim fingers with his stronger ones. "Roo. See this. Until you're over your own feelings about it all, this is your..." he covered her mouth with his other hand shaking his head, his hair everywhere. Sticking his tongue out, the male closed his eyes backing away from her.


Rolf and Dagan made their way through the forest finding themselves at the edge of a field.  "So what happened?" Dagan asked, the timber wolf tight to his side, her nose to the ground.

Rolf gave a grunt, turning his blue eyes up to look at him sideways. "Loki said you had some cloaking spell or something hiding you from him. So he sent me to get you."

"No, I mean, everything? The ship, the cells, the cliff. Everything." he stopped, making a low growling sound as he nearly tripped over the timber wolf.

"Plenty of time for that later. We've got a long boat ride back home. But first, I need to stop off and pick up the damned dog." the larger male answered as he laughed at his buddy.

"You didn't say we were meeting up with Nosferatu." Dagan instinctively ran his hand through his hair, then over his jaw.

"What? Na na man, The dog." Rolf held his hand out causing Dagan to bump into him. "Tombstone. I left him with some chick at the last Inn I stayed at. I knew there was no way I could climb a mountain side with him. Ends up, for a hell hound he's scared of heights."  Dagan stood still, his eyes wide, mouth open. "I haven't seen the female since the day on the ship. Or Reuben for that matter." Rolf shrugged.

"But they are alive?" Dagan's tone was a comment more then a question.

"God I hope so."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Reuben got denied.)

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