Friday, February 19, 2016

year 5 day 79

movie:Sisterhood of Night
starring: Kal Penn, Georgie Henley
format: online

plot: After being humiliated at school, a group of girls decide to dump their internet profiles, and not share anymore secrets.

Based on a short story

Okay, so what we've got here is a metaphor in not so uncertain terms for the Salem witch trials. The trailer makes it out to be a movie about witches, but in the end it's about a group of girls who are just trying to get through high school alive.
We see them battle rumours of witchcraft, and sexual abuse among other conspiracies. One of the girls is accused of having an affair with a teacher, while one bully is causing the hysteria via the internet. As the bullying and lies continue, other students come forward with real abuse issues.

This movie reminded me a lot of the 1996 film Foxfire. About a group of girls who are also dealing with the same issues. This has a younger cast, and I think it sort of missed it's mark.
The villain turns out to be a hero by accident, by having started the abuse rumours, which in the end leads others to have the courage to speak up. Which I suppose is how life really goes sometimes.

what did I learn? We live too much in the hopes of adoration and not enough for ourselves these days

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