Thursday, February 11, 2016

year 5 day 71

movie: Road Warrior Mad Max 2
starring: Mel Gibson, Virginia Hey
genre:Action, Sci-fi
format: Hollywood Suites Channel

plot: While searching for fuel, a man is drawn into the lives of a group of settlers and ends up trying to help them relocate

So this was a western right? I mean, I'm not imagining things, this was meant to be a sci-fi take on the old westerns? Right?
The survivors in this apocalyptic world, are looking for a safe route that will let them rebuild their lives. As there doesn't seem to be any kind of "city" outside of the camps they have set up for themselves, with everyone nothing more then nomadic tribes, or collectives. Along comes this lone "gunslinger" who just seems to want to pass through as quietly as possible, only he let's things get the better of him. Or so you think. As he offers to help only in trade for some gasoline. Which if this had been a straight up western, would have been gold.

He ends up becoming the typical anti-hero when he offers to retrieve a truck that may or may not even be viable, and ends up coming face to face with a bunch of pirates.  (okay mixing movie metaphors here I know)

There is almost no dialogue in this film. It's all shoot em up, kill kill, car chases. I kept waiting for a big monolog from someone. Anyone.
I liked this style of movie more when I was younger, and would have found so many hidden "clues" to the metaphors or conspiracies in it. The obvious being how we as a society have wasted our resources. But now, all I saw was a bunch of S/M dudes chasing a truck.

what did i learn? I'll never be able to think of Mel Gibson again without thinking of the dog food scene.

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