Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Year 5 Day 70

movie: The Wedding Wish  aka How I Married my High School Crush
starring: Katee Sackhoff, Sage Brocklebank
genre: Fantasy
year: 2007
format: TV Edit

plot: During an eclipse, a girl wishes that she is married to her current crush, and time travels to the day of their wedding only to find out things are not as she hoped.

If' you've seen movies like Big or 13 Going on 30,  then you know the basic plot of this story. Kid too eager to grow up for whatever reason, and ends up magickally transported into their future selves in order to change their ways and learn where they got greedy.

In this case, you've got two people who have the lesson to learn, the girl making the wish and the unsuspecting crush.  They are partnered up by their teacher to work on a project together in 1990. Which at first, the Brocklebank character cons the Sackhoff character into doing for him, but when she hands him the assignment, and makes her wish, she sets off a chain reaction. Both find themselves on the day of their wedding in 2007 and only have a few days to figure out what happened.  She in the end realizes she's in love with someone else, and he realizes that he never learned how to take care of himself without conning others.

what did I learn? Careful what you wish for, you just might get it

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