Saturday, February 20, 2016

Year 5 Day 80

movie: Still Crazy
starring: Bill Nighy,  Billy Connolly
genre:Drama, Comedy,
format: Hollywood Suites Channel

plot: A band from the 1970's gets back together for a reunion 20 years later, but can't seem to keep it together

This reminds me so much of both More Bad News, and Hard Core Logo. Both of which came out before this. And it seems to find the balance between the comedy of Bad News and the drama of HCL.
Each of the characters are dealing with having gotten over 40, having gotten heavily in debt, and having settled for a life they never really wanted. All reeling from the loss of their core band member decades before which was the main cause of them breaking up.  There are two scenes where the band are asking if what they are doing is really worth it, and they stumble across someone playing their old tapes and someone else wearing one of their old t-shirts. Taking those as positive signs, they forge forward as planned.

There are a few moments where the idea that a lifestyle like that can lead to nothing but the loss of oneself, as one of the guys is a recovering addict, and another is recovering from a mental breakdown.

what did I learn? Some dreams are worth one last push.

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