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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 252, chapter 252

Out of Time

The front doors of the building clicked closed behind him as he pocketed the building keys, shaking his head. He swore as he padded down his pockets, realizing he'd run out of cigarettes once again. Stepping of the small step to the main sidewalk, Roger headed in the direction of the nearest corner store.
He didn't make it out of the parking lot before an extremely pale hand had slammed him against the wall. The shadows seemed to part like a curtain, as his assailant leaned around the edge of the building.

"Roger, I need you to do something for me." our heroine's voice was smooth and emotionless as she moved from him just an inch. "I need to know which side of the apartment Edward's bedroom is?"

"The right?" he said swallowing hard. "That thing you did earlier with your eyes..." he brought his hand up gesturing to his face.

"Your right or my right? If I was standing in the hallway of the building looking into the apartment, would I turn this way or that?" she asked trying to keep the older male focused.

" left your right." he said stammering raising his left arm. "You're eyes..."

"I...used to work with a magician. Picked up some cool party tricks over the years. Nothing special Roger any..." she cleared her throat trying to keep from rolling her eyes at her own lie. "...anyone can learn to...teenagers into all that gothic crap even."

"Is that how you know Edward?" he started to process what she was telling him, his heart rate returning to normal. "All that stuff he rambles on about, the voodoo and stuff."

"Yeah, that's exactly it. We a pack...I mean cult I mean coven. Long time ago it seems." she patted his shoulder as she turned to look again at the row of windows. "Another thing before you go for the night. Um...I need you to order a large pizza."

Twenty five minutes later, our heroine stood in front of the neighbour's door, the large pizza in hand. Knocking, she waited for someone to answer, and she wasn't in the mood to wait around all night. By her calculations, Arthur would be back within in the half hour. It was pushing the limit on her plans, but times were desperate. To her luck and surprise, Arthur had gotten a call from the police station and needed to go in. The call forced him to tell her what he did for a living, just in case she thought he wasn't completely single. Sniffing back a growl of impatience, our heroine heard the foot falls of someone in the apartment next to Edward's.


"Pizza." she said as cheerfully as she could.

"I didn't order..." the male said confused as he opened the door just a crack.

"Someone did." she remarked trying to remember how all the delivery drivers used to act back when she was younger.

"That double anchovy?" he asked clearly interested in the food. Nodding our heroine opened the pizza box showing him the goods. Turning, he mumbled something about whoever ordered it loss and his gain reaching for his wallet, the door opening another few inches. Moving her foot, she sighed in relief as the opening door was a clear invitation allowing her to enter the apartment.
The guy found himself two feet off the ground as our heroine had him by the chin, pinned up against the wall.  Kicking the door closed, she dropped the pizza box down with a graceful movement on the nearest surface, then proceeded to cover the guy's mouth so that he wouldn't scream.
She started sniffing deeply trying to get the scent of The Seer through the wall. Smirking, she shook her head as she dragged the guy into the bedroom.
Raising her head, she sniffed again deeper this time. There were other scents in the apartment itself, a woman's.

"You don't live alone?" she asked mindlessly. The guy shook his head, his eyes wide with fear. Our heroine could smell the sweat starting as all the hairs on the guy's arms stood straight up. "Right then, even less time then I thought." With a loud crack, she slammed her elbow through the wall just beside the bed. It only took two more hits in order to break through exposing a small window into Edward's apartment.
She held the guy still by the neck with her right hand, her left now digging at the edges of the hole as plaster crumbled to dust around them. Both were covered in the chalky powder. Whistling the way Rolf always did when trying to get Reuben's attention, she waited.

Nothing happened. Swearing, she continued to break more of the wall down creating a small doorway. Taking a deep breath, she stepped through it, the neighbour still held tight.  Edward was curled up on the floor in the corner of the bedroom, his hands no longer duct taped, but he was wearing mittens, his normally perfectly combed hair knotted and sticking up everywhere, wearing nothing but a robe. It was obvious by the clean laundry scent, that Roger had forced The Seer to bathe and change out of what he'd been wearing when she'd been there earlier.

"You're going to sit right there and not make a sound got it. If you try to run, I'll break both your legs." she hissed pushing the neighbour down on the bed as she advanced towards Edward.  The dark haired male had been sitting mumbling to himself staring at his hands when he finally realized she was there.

"You're not real. Are you real? No no, you've got to be just a dream." he pushed himself up the wall to a crouching position his mittened hands out between them. "You can't be real because I drew you. I wrote you into...into my story. It was my story wasn't it? And not something you put in my head?" he continued to a standing position, his hands still out between them as if holding her back. Bolting, Edward ran into the living room, trying to get the glass covering off the spellbook he'd collected. But the mittens were just causing his hands to slide without any grip on the case.

"Babe, it's me. I'm right here. Right here, real as you are." she whispered. "I came to see you earlier with Roger but I had to leave." she moved cautiously around the room one ear listening to make sure the neighbour had stayed put.  He hadn't. "Damn it!" she growled running back after him at a speed only Edward could see. That scared The Seer that much more causing him to run for the door but stopped abruptly. Slowly he began to shuffle backwards from the front door.

"No can't go outside because there is no more outside." he giggled tears beginning to pool in his blue eyes. "Just a big boom." he clapped his hands, the mittens muffling the sound. "And pain. Lots of pain wake up like my skull is on fire." he turned around in a circle still giggling.  Our heroine returned with the neighbour dragging him once again, his arm dangling at a strange angle. "You said you'd break his legs." Edward said quickly pointing his mittened hand in her direction.

"Well, here's hoping the arm was enough of a lesson." she remarked. Stumbling, she slammed them both into the wall. The sound of the neighbour's blood rushing that much quicker with the pain, echoing like thunder in her ears; caused her to loose what little control she'd been mastering.
The female's eyes became pure white of the banshee, her double row of top fangs having broken the flesh of her gums as she let her mind drift for just a split second.  Biting down hard on the neighbour's collarbone, she held him tight with her left hand, her right covering his mouth so that he couldn't scream. It was nothing more then a blink but enough that she had to rip her mouth from him, breathing deeply trying to get control of her senses again, hot saliva pooling the colour of beets at the neck of the guy's t-shirt. "Sorry dude dinner is definitely on you."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well they are bloodsucking feinds from beyond the grave...)

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