Monday, February 1, 2016

Coffee Talk 2016 Feb 1st

First day of the month, which means, my lovely Spudguns!, that this is the point where I come in and give a shout out to the Food n'Flix host. And that would be Culinary Adventures with Camilla. And the selection this month is Lunch Box.

But wait, that's not all this month, because I'm going to remind you that the Night Bleeds all Vampire movie and book club, is doing Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter; as both the book and movie selections. The deadline for that is the last Sunday of the month, which is the 28th of Feb.  The rules are available on the "Night Bleeds" page.  And I'll do an "official" blog post on it later in the week.

Righty-ho, righty-ho man. I'll be back in a few hours with today's movie of the day. That's about it for the moment.

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