Tuesday, February 16, 2016

year 5 day 76

Movie: Slow Learners
starring:Adam Pally, Sarah Burns
format:Netflix Canada

plot:Two friends who can't seem to get dates, decide to spend the summer reinventing themselves.

So you have two shy friends, he's a school guidance councilor and she's the school librarian. She's also in love with his next door neighbour. The crush of course goes unnoticed for the first half of the film.
The lead female is completely unlikable of a character. She gets her "ideal female" model from watch bad reality tv, and ends up becoming not only a drunk but a grown up high school mean girl. The lead male character, on the other hand is a bit more believable, as he seems to grow into himself.

It's a pretty cliched story. Both are unaware the other is head over heels in love with them through most of the movie, and act out of jealousy with who they end up dating. Which is complicated when they finally sleep together. And through the course of things, they end up loosing their friends.

what did i learn? cool clothes do not equal cool times

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