Tuesday, February 23, 2016

year 5 day 83

movie:The Chosen One
starring: Rob Schneider, Peter Riegert
genre: Drama
format: Netflix Canada

plot: When a car salesman hits rock bottom, he finds himself the center of a prophecy.

Right off I've got to say it, the sound and picture quality are fuzzy; so much so I thought this film was from the 1990's. I was shocked when the year came up in the end credits.

The lead character believes he's worthless in the beginning of the movie, always being compared to everyone around him, and being pushed into situations by his friends and coworkers that he just doesn't want to be in but doesn't know how to stand up for himself. Then these Shamans show up on his doorstep telling him he's the chosen one. (insert Buffy quote here)  Around this time, he has already started to have odd dreams about a jungle, a hawk and a large door. This he learns is a mixture of his fears, a vision and a memory.

There is this running gag that all his dead plants come back to life once the Shamans show up, giving him some personal strength and opening him up to the world around him, only he doesn't seem to realize that's actually what's happening.
The in turn tell him that he needs to save a hawk they saw on the news in order to fulfill the destiny they saw for him. Sacrificing everything he knows, everything he's accepted to that point.
At one point, we are introduced to his brother who is in fact a monk. I thought the story was going to unfold that the Shamans were suppose to be looking for him, not the lead but it never plays out that way.

what did I learn? Destiny just can't be ruled.

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