Thursday, February 25, 2016

year 5 day 85

movie: Staying Alive
starring: John Travolta, Fiona Hughes
genre: Drama
year: 1983
format: Hollywood Suites Channel

plot: A couple of years after being a popular dancer at the clubs, a man tries to make a living in Broadway.

So this is the big sequel to Saturday Night Fever, and honestly, the dance segments seemed to blend into each other.  The story itself was a bit weak, he's rude to his girlfriend then cheats with the star of the show, who in turn is just using him, then he goes crawling back to his girlfriend who he talks into helping him prepare for the big show. There is one scene about midway where he's suppose to have had this big realization of what a jerk he is, but that doesn't seem to stick.

There seems to be a ton of jealousy and pride running through this. From the lead female who doesn't want him but doesn't want to see him back with his girlfriend, to him upstaging her on opening night. I kept waiting for the real movie to start, for something to actually happen, or a new character to be introduced, but it just didn't.
You are left with this odd nostalgia for the first movie, not because this one is any good, but because the first movie had just slightly more interesting characters.

what did I learn? This movie was just one big dance off, and I learned nothing.

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