Thursday, February 4, 2016

year 5 Day 64

movie: Afternoon Delight
starring: Kathryn Hahn, Josh Radnor
year: 2013
format: Netflix Canada

plot: Unsatisfied with her daily life, a bored housewife invites a stripper to move in with her family.

This movie has a slow pace to it, at first coming across like it's going to be a story of opposites. But as it progresses, it's purely the inner struggles of the lead character.  She becomes obsessed with this young stripper after her and her husband go to a strip club together, to the point she starts hanging around outside the club. The two women form a friendship, and when the stripper is suddenly homeless, she takes her in.

The story starts off about the lack of a sex life between the wife and her husband, but evolves more into a lack of real connection that the lead is feeling in general. We see her begrudgingly continue to hang out with the other moms in her group of friends, tired of the constant talk of  school fundraisers and recipes, feeling trapped. We see her therapist telling her about her own life, instead of the other way around, soaking up what's left of her self esteem. Meanwhile, her husband is doing the same things with his buddies he'd done forever, never feeling the same lack of connection.

It wasn't a new story, bit on the predictable side. But it kept my attention more then I thought it would.  You almost have to wonder if this should be taken as a cautionary tale? The lead under the guise of wanting to help someone, is actually reaching out herself for help. It's not till everything falls apart on her that she realizes what she was really doing.

what did I learn? Not everything is about you even when it is.

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