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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 115, chapter 115

The Fort...

He walked through the courtyard, his nose in the air, his boots and trenchcoat made of wolf fur, his blonde hair slicked back into a short pony tail. He all but strutted his way to the Queen's side, a magic mirror in hand. The Necromancer cleared his throat, lips pursed as he waited for both Jance and Biffy to move out of his way.

"I believe we've finally taken care of your little wolf problem." He smiled slick, his overly white teeth too perfect. The Queen nodded, suspicious of the timing. He'd agreed to marry the Necromancer's aunt if the Necromancer could get rid of the King. The Necromancer's solution, was to kill all the wolves in the kingdom, in case King Leo was living as a wolf.  Leo had not been spotted and presumed actually dead for the last few months since the Necromancer put his plan into action. There was no reason for the Queen to continue calling himself Queen. He could, rightfully become King, and that meant he could finally allow the Fort, the kingdom to end the ban on having wives and children.

This also meant the Necromancer would become his heir. Prince, and a handsome one at that. The guards called him the Peacock behind his back. The Queen distrusted the Necromancer just enough to miss the Seer. At lest when the Seer was under his rule, there was proof when a shapeshifter or wolf was captured. The front gate of the Fort bared the weight of his trophies. With the Necromancer, all they ever had was his word and a few new wolf pelts. Hardly real proof that the situation was taken care of in any real manner.
There was nothing to be done against removing the Necromancer from his spot of authority, given the Necromancer was as destructive as he was pretty. His magical abilities seemed to even outshine the Seer, who until the arrival of the Necromancer, seemed to be the most powerful witch in the kingdom.

Everyone in the Fort had begun to fear the Necromancer. Fear his temper tantrums, and personal agendas, because when he was overcome by them, people tended to disappear.

The Necromancer sat to the left of the Queen, one hand stroking the collar of his wolf fur coat, the other still holding his magic mirror as he spoke. "Everything is ready for the festival. All you have to do is be on time."   The Queen nodded, careful not to let any emotion show on his face as he silently wondered how far he really needed to go with his own plan?  He fully intended to have the wedding, and become King; and a widower if necessary. He'd yet to see this aunt the Necromancer spoke of. 
Nodding, the Necromancer stood up again, retreating back towards the former King's chambers, where he'd set up his own guards. Two of his undead soldiers were standing guard, with strict orders that he was the only one allowed even in the hallway near the chambers.
Once inside the inner rooms, he paced back and forth in front of a larger magic mirror that seemed to take up half the wall. A cloudy figure appeared in it's surface, a female dressed as if she were from the middle ages.

"What can I do for you?" her voice was filled with fear.  The Necromancer waved his hand as if to dismiss her then stopped, making a come here gesture as he continued to pace and pout.

"I need the location of the new alpha."  he said turning to stare at the only article he'd left from when the Seer still took care of the comatose king. The painting of Ash and Leo. He dared to move a step closer to the painting, placing both hands firmly on the stone wall, at either side of it, his face flat against it. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. "By now Ash has to have reclaimed his spot as the local pack alpha. I need to know where he's hiding!"

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Thought it was about time to let the Necromancer breeze on in)

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