Sunday, February 9, 2014

Year 3 Day 56

movie: The Pursuit of Happyness
starring: Will Smith, Jaden Smith
genre: Drama, Bio
year: 2006
format: TV edit

plot: In 1981, after a rough year where his wife leaves him, his company goes under and he finds himself homeless, a young man raises his son alone while trying to prove he can rise above it.

This is based on a true story.

Right off, they explain why the film's title has a misspelling, it's on purpose, as the lead character points out to his son that some graffiti on their block is spelled wrong. The word "happiness" then becomes a theme throughout the story.

This is a tear jerker to say the lest. It's also one of those films you can't take your eyes off of, it draws you in. There is a sub-plot happening, as the character sells medical x-ray machines door to door (hospital to hospital) and while he's trying to break free from that particular job, he finds himself so dependent on the job, that after two are stolen he chases down the thieves more then once in order to get them back. He's literally locked into that part of his life until the last two are sold. Only then does he seem to have a break through in his life, leading to better things.

What did I learn from this?  Never give up on yourself.

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