Thursday, February 20, 2014

Year 3 Day 64

movie: 9 to 5
starring: Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda
genre: Comedy
year: 1980
format: DVD

plot: Three overworked office employees get revenge on their lying sexist boss, while improving the working conditions at their office.

Who doesn't dream about getting some sort of revenge on their boss at some point?   Almost 25 years after the release of it, and it's still funny, still relevant on a few levels.

I love that the Lily Tomlin character has this duality of being the "real boss" and having this dreaming fairy tale world to her. It shows a nice balance that most females have to manage.
Fonda's ability to do the physical comedy from the elevator gag to the chasing paper from the broken copier, sets the metaphor for how chaotic and fish out of water we all can feel when we find ourselves in a new environment, be it work or relationship.
There are some hints of Abbott and Costello gags in the middle of the movie, when the three leads are stealing a body from the morgue, which is the turning point for the story. Taking you out of the "fantasy" and into the reality of their situation.

What did I learn?  You shouldn't bother with those fake sweeteners, they'll kill ya.

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