Saturday, February 8, 2014

Year 3 Day 55

movie: Old School
starring: Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson
genre: Comedy
year: 2003
format: TV edit

plot: after buying a house on the edge of a college campus, Mitch is talked into turning his place into a frat house by his two best friends. The group finds themselves the target of the school dean who they had bullied years before. They have one year to prove they belong on campus or face eviction.

This was much funnier then I thought it was going to be.

I'd love to say there is a deep meaning and moral to this movie, but there isn't beyond be yourself.

Vince Vaughn plays this loud over the top character, like he does in everything he's in. Which, after a few minutes you just want to roll your eyes. There were a lot of elements that reminded me of the original Revenge of the Nerds, which frankly I liked.

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