Monday, August 4, 2014

Coffee Talk Aug 4th 2014

I never realized how tiring moving could be?  I spent the better part of last week sorting through boxes of old drawings, files, and random pages from long forgotten manuscripts that didn't get finished. My fingertips are still covered in paper cuts and slightly swollen.
Also, during most of that time, I lived off of power bars and bottled water.  To say that all I've been doing since Saturday is stuffing my face with everything in sight, is an understatement.

Not everything has survived the move intact. I went to plug in my printer this morning only to find the power cord is missing completely. It's on the "to do list" this week when I get to the store. Picking up a power cord, which I'm hoping is doable given the printer is a few years old.

It was one of those afternoons, where all I wanted to do was kick back and watch a familiar movie. It seemed appropriate to watch either Julie/Julia or Under the Tuscan Sun, given they are both about moving and starting over 
Here's the thing. I couldn't find either of them.  The two dvds were in the same box, this I know for fact, only that box seems to have fallen victim to the lack of space in this new place.  Ironic when you think about it. Lucky for me, Netflix Canada has Julie/Julia available.

This got me thinking. (always dangerous) Thinking about the fact my new almost never used kitchen, is nothing but a hallway. I could fit this kitchen, the front hall and the 'breakfast nook' into what used to be my old kitchen and still have space left over.

Why might you be thinking am I going on about this?   Well, just sort of wanted to draw a connecting line between the movie and the day.  That, and I'm looking for a bit of inspiration. Spent about an hour kicking around looking at other blogs on the topic of Julie/Julia. All these years later, and it's still a hot topic. That's a good thing in the most part.
A lot of the comments on the blogs had to do with ignoring their husbands while in pursuit of their blog bliss. Me, I don't have that luxury. There is however, a very large brown eight legged furry spider that I've been doing my best to ignore all day.  (dude, seriously it crawled under the bathroom door this morning stopped, turned around and crawled back out; as if to say 'hi how you doing?') I have no idea where it went, nor do I really want to.

Okay, so I think I've talked enough right now. Ramen with red onion and green peppers and broccoli for supper tonight.

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