Friday, August 8, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 151, chapter 151

The male sat on his heels by the edge of the lake, batting at the water, teasing a small fish, the sun sparkling off the surface like candied jewels. He twitched his head to the side as a dragonfly buzzed near his ears, threatening to tangle in his hair.  Smirking to himself he stood as the now caught pike was flopping in his hand. Finn whistled as he brought his catch of the day to his nose, inhaling deeply.

"You know, if you really miss it so much, I can give you back your former shape." the female voice said from behind him. Startled, the familiar dropped the fish, water splashing him in the face. Jumping back, the male hissed as he ran both hands over his face at the droplets.

"What makes you think I miss being a cat? And who are you?" he held his hand then to his side, fingers flexing and ready to toss an energy ball.  The female shrugged as she walked around the male.

"Just a witch without a familiar of her own." she licked her lips flicking her wrist in a circle. Finn clutched at his chest, falling to the ground screaming in pain. He felt his ribs cracking, his throat beginning to close as his human vocal cords collapsed. All the bones in his body shifting from that of a human to that of a cat.

Shaking himself off, the cat then dashed around the witch as fast as possible, heading deeper into the woods as fast as he could.


Tombstone had caught the scent of something, and had followed it up the main path. The half timber wolf-half hell hound liked to explore the woods behind the cabin, never too far away from the rest of the timber wolves or from their new sitter. Harker talked to them all as if they were humans, most likely to keep himself from going insane. Tombstone liked it. Liked the sound of human voices when they told stories. It was soothing.
The animal's nose twitched then, almost burning as he smelled something not quite right. Howling, he followed it to a large tree. The beast had been around magic enough in his short life to know what it smelled like. And this smelled fresh. Growling, he clawed at the tree unable to climb up it's heavy bark, or jump to it's lower limbs.
Something jumped down then from the lush greenery about ten feet up, landing on the beast's back. Snapping his fangs, Tombstone turned to see a small marmalade coloured ball of fur run back in the direction of the cabin. The hell-hound took off after it, having caught the scent of magic drifting off it in waves.

Finn raced towards Ash's cabin, praying that someone was there that could help. Praying that our heroine would be there and realize it was him.  The cat zipped through the front yard, past the outdoor oven, up the small porch stairs, coming to a sudden stop in front of the closed door.
He jumped up on his hind legs clawing and meowing like mad for someone to let him in. The hell hound hot on his trail growling and barking as he ran towards the cabin. Just when the familiar thought he was about to be killed, the front door opened.

Harker jumped out of the way as the marmalade coloured cat tore into the cabin, Tombstone a hair's breath behind.  "I knew the second I dropped that damned fork there'd be company."  The male mumbled to the rest of the timber wolves as he put his toothbrush back into his mouth.


The witch held her distance just outside of the property. Swearing under her breath, she shivered at the sight of the hell hound. She cleared her throat and started to call for the cat. "Kitty, kitty kitty..." hoping that Harker would think she was just looking for her pet. But the door was already closed to the cabin, and no one was listening. "I'm going to have what's mine. Even if I have to kill everyone in that house to do so."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Finn might have nine lives but poor Harker doesn't...)

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