Friday, August 8, 2014

Year 3 Day 93

movie: Moonstruck
starring: Cher, Nicolas Cage
genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
year: 1987
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: When asked to contact her soon to be brother-in-law and tell him about the wedding, a woman ends up starting an affair with him. In the course of things, she then learns about the affair her father is also having with someone in the neighbourhood, while her mother considers one herself.

How can you not love this movie?  Nicolas Cage and Cher. Nicolas Cage ranting like a mad hatter. Nicolas Cage talking about bread and steak and having it seem like he's discussing the meaning of life. The dude can act.
And Cher. Even when the woman is suppose to be looking like she gave up on life, she still looks like a goddess.

The chemistry between the two leads is bang on nailed. This should be shown in acting classes for romantic pairing 101. They manage to take some very mundane tasks/conversations and turn the heat up on them, making them both enjoyable and entertaining.

There is so much richness to this movie, from the view of a traditional ethnic family, to the anti-fairy tale-fairy tale love story, to the food.  Almost everything happens with some sort of food involved, from the Cher character buying a bottle of wine and witnessing the owners of the store having a passionate chat, to the simple family gathering around the breakfast table to accept the final outcomes.

One of the lines that I like the most is when Cage says "You waited the first time for the right man, why didn't you wait this time?"   And Cher answers "He didn't show up."
Cage "I'm here now."    Cher "Well you're late."   
Isn't that the basis of real love, of starting over when we think there's nothing left?  I think what appeals most about this movie is that element of surprise when you have settled into the idea of it couldn't get any better so I'd better accept. Then it does. You find that one person/thing/job/hobby etc that blows your mind.

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