Sunday, August 24, 2014

Year 3 Day 107

movie: Walk of Shame
starring: Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden
genre: Comedy
year: 2014
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: After a reporter is told she did not get her promotion, she goes out to party with friends. She then gets a message from her producer telling her that she has a second chance, she just needs to get to work on time. Leaving the apartment of the guy she spent the night with, she finds her car missing, and has to get across town in order to get it back. Along the way, she finds herself in the middle of a gang shoot out, and chased by the police. 

This was a funny movie. It's almost like a buddy movie in the sense her friends are having their own parallel adventures while trying to find her. 
The whole time, I kept thinking of  Adventures in Babysitting, which had a similar vibe to it. 

I liked that it was suppose to happen all within a 24hour time frame, which was suppose to give it a "rushed" feeling, though you sort of loose that idea somewhere around the bus scene.

Willie Garson plays her producer in this, and when you see him in this one scene with the Banks character who is in this bright yellow dress her hair puffed out...I just could not help but think of all the scenes he had with Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City as Stanford.
The Marsden character, who is the "knight in shinning armor", I thought was funny enough, but almost too "dreamy" of a character.  I would have liked to have seen at lest one flaw with that character.

Cute movie for a Sunday afternoon.

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