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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 154, chapter 154

Dagan let out a deep growl as he sat up in bed. Something was wrong, he could feel it in his gut. Running his tongue over his teeth, the auburn haired male started to hum to himself. Getting out of bed, he padded bare foot through the soul library, his instincts telling him he needed to get back to the forest, back to the cabin.

"Loki! Loki! Something...somethi...ain't right here." he twitched his neck to the side, batting at his right ear. "I need to leave. I don't want to do this anymore. Hello!"

"No." the voice said from behind him. The werewolf turned around to find himself standing alone in the massive room. The voice echoing in his mind. "You made a promise and you aren't done."

The werewolf snarled as he grunted, making a clicking sound with his tongue. He rotated his shoulders as if about to step into a boxing ring, his nerves on edge. Holding his hands up in a surrender motion, he bowed his head. "If I tell you that I miss the banshee can I go see her for a few hours?"

"Nope." the voice echoed again in the empty room followed by a deep laugh. "She's doing plenty fine without you." another deep mocking laugh. "Keeping busy being the alpha."

"That's not funny." another low growl escaped Dagan's throat. He spun around on his heels heading then towards the kitchen, rubbing his hand over his stomach.

"Not being funny. She's taken your position as the pack alpha. And she's really good at it. Didn't have to fight anyone for it, voted in by the rest of the guys. Jealous yet?" Loki's voice became a hushed whisper as it slithered through Dagan's mind, causing his ears to reverberate. He cracked his neck, closing his eyes as he instinctively grabbed for the container of milk.

"She...she wouldn't do that. She wouldn't do that to me. Nope." he shook his head, rubbing his thumb and forefinger over the corners of his mouth. "She might be a pain in my ass, but she respects..." he started to stammer still shaking his head. "...she respects the fact that the rules for the alpha position are there. That..that.." his words got lost as he growled again, slamming the container of milk down on the counter smashing it. A stream of white splashing on his bare foot. "Why are you doing this? Huh?" his tone became gravely as he started to shift unable to control his emotions. Dagan fell to a crouch sitting on his heels, his fangs having broken through his gums, his eyes the amber-grey of the wolf.

"Think about it. Bacchus and I told you before, that day months ago, that you were not the star of this she is. That you were just something she had to get through in order to be where and what she's meant to be. Why do you think we chose you? For the alpha status."

"" his tongue darted out curling at the corner of his mouth, as the werewolf flexed his hands, the nails glass like claws.

"I was originally going to let her be mated to Rolf, him being a prince and all..."

"Prince?" Dagan screwed up his face as he stood back to his full height confused. "He's not..."

Loki continued. "...but Bach was the one who had faith in you. He wanted her solidly with an alpha, so that meant either yourself or Ash. You just happened to get to her first." the dark haired god shimmered into the room, standing inches away from Dagan. "For once, your lack of restraint was a good thing. I'm just surprised you didn't bite her." he sniffed as he walked around the other male. "Was there a reason you didn't make her a wolf?" Loki stabbed a finger in the middle of Dagan's chest.  Dagan batted at the god, saliva dripping down from his bottom fangs. "Huh? Afraid that if she were bitten, were turned that she wouldn't survive? Or was it deeper then that?" he slipped his hand down the werewolf's body, grabbing him. "Should I say lower? Did you think that if she was bitten, that if she became a shapeshifter that you would loose your guaranteed status? Because you knew that everyone of the pack would be thinking the same thing. That once she was a shifter, they'd all be looking at her as the key to their insurance policy. That's it isn't it, yeah I think you ripped into her body crushing her spine killing her so that she couldn't become a wolf. Couldn't be claimed by anyone else. Here's something you forgot 'sweetheart'." he smiled a sinister grin, turning his eyes up to look at the young werewolf, his jaw squared. "A violent death not only activates vampires, it activates werewolves too. She's had it in her the whole time. And while you're here doing this..." Loki moved from him an inch. "She's back home, doing your day job better then you ever did. Not all she's doing. That piece of Rolf's soul she's got tucked away inside her for..." the dark haired god put his palm flat against his abdomen. "...safekeeping. You know by now that it's created a really strong connection between them." he raised his eyebrows twice in a quick movement as he balled up his fist tapping it on Dagan's chin. "Yeah, strong enough that they found a way to keep each other up at night."

Dagan was upon Loki in a blur, his fangs ripping into the god's throat.


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. That spells trouble for Dagan.)

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