Thursday, August 21, 2014

year 3 Day 105

movie: The Gift
starring:Keanu Reeves, Cate Blanchett
genre; Thriller, Drama
year: 2000
format: Netflix Canada

plot When a small town is rocked by the disappearance of one woman, the police turn to the help of a psychic. When she points them to the victim's body because of a dream, things turn personal for her.

I liked this, even though it felt like it was edited for television, and just missing something in the pace; it still came across as a decent film. I don't know if there was ever a director's cut of this, if so, I think that would have fleshed it out a bit more.  

With that said, it was a solid crime story. (most great ghost stories are)  All the sub-plots are firmly rooted in reality, all revolving around this small town and a crime that rocks everyone to their core. You see the unraveling of personalities, for many different reasons, (abuse, adultery, greed) and what fear will push someone to do. 
  There really seemed to be a string of characters who were so co-dependent, you start to wonder if they are orbiting around the psychic because they can't afford therapy?

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