Wednesday, August 20, 2014

year 3 Day 104

movie: The Food Guide to Love
starring: Richard Coyle, Leonor Watling
genre: Drama, Comedy, Food, Romance
year; 2013
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A food writer has an impossible time keeping a relationship beyond six months, until he meets a woman who could be his soul mate. They start having issues once the six months hits, which leads to affairs, fights and one up-manship.

This was a beauty of a movie. The food is a constant character itself in this. I love that he had gotten his start because in his mind, his father's cooking was horrible. 
One of my favourite scenes is the food fight they have at the beginning of their relationship, after having collected snails for supper.
Speaking of snails, when Coyle's character talks about how he first fell in love with food, he describes a moment when he discovers snails in garlic butter. This reminded me so much of a section in the biography The Man Who Ate the World by Jay Rayner, that I had to wonder if this was another version of his biography; but I couldn't find any indication that this was based on any book. (unless it was and I'm just not looking in the right place?)

This is just such a sweet movie, that does not have the typical happy ending. Which I love, it's always nice to see something with a little more meat to it then the usual romantic comedy.

The section of the film where Watling's character becomes a vegetarian was a great addition to the dynamic of the relationship. The fact they actually showed that they would need to have two sets of pots and pans (yes, when living with a vegetarian you truly need a set just for us because of the caramelization of meat and how it soaks into the pans pores) was a great touch. It showed not only the separation of their food habits, but was a great metaphor for how their relationship itself was deteriorating.

This is now on my to buy list.

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