Sunday, August 31, 2014

Year 3 Day 111

movie: Flakes
starring: Christopher Lloyd, Aaron Stanford
genre: Drama
year: 2007
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A neighbourhood shop that only sells cereal is run out of business by a new chain doing the same thing moving in across the street.

In the tradition of Empire Records...that's all I could think through most of this film, was the comparison to the theme behind Empire Records.  That and You've got Mail. It's one of those us against them stories, that you keep expecting to go somewhere, but it really just gets as soggy as the cornflakes they use.

You've got a "cereal genius" who can tell you every year that a product was made, their mascot, their jingles etc, but doesn't seem to want to put it to real use. And his uptight hipster wannabe girlfriend who tries to make him fit into her version of what life should be like.   Kinda boring if you ask me.

The idea was there, I just don't think it was thought through enough.
Lloyd is the only really bright spot in this film. He plays the owner of the small shop to a tee, making the slackerness of his laid back character charming when it could have otherwise seemed desperate.

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