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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 153, chapter 153

Rolf was starting to wonder if this was a set up? One of Loki's tricks, when he felt a cold grip snake its way through his lungs. The werewolf had to cover his mouth with both hands to keep the scream the gut retching roar from escaping his lips.  The room went suddenly dark, like tunnel vision as he connected with Nosferatu. He saw, felt everything from her point of view for the briefest seconds. The female had stopped walking through the forest, dropping to her knees in a sudden shock of grief. The scream ripping violently from her, forcing Leo, The Seer and Ash to cover their ears crawling away from her.
Rolf felt Nosferatu's fangs explode from her gums, felt her throat closing as all the air seemed to ball itself in her chest, saw everything through a foggy haze as he realized her eyes had gone completely white.

The werewolf ran his tongue over his own teeth, finding them having started to transform, shaking his head, the male flicked his long hair out of his face, as he grabbed at the bar to steady himself.
She was running now her lungs burning with the need for air, her entire body pushing itself beyond her normal scope. It was causing Rolf's own body to ache; every muscle twitching with the desire to flex and to run.

Looking down, Rolf found himself then in Ash's cabin with Harker's body crumpled at his feet, blood pouring from the wound in his gut. The timber wolves all huddled together around him, howling in grief.
Nosferatu arrived, another scream that should have shattered his ears ripping from her. She didn't see him, but Rolf saw her. He felt everything our heroine did, saw it first hand and from her point of view. It was confusing to him, like suddenly living in a hologram.  He watched as Nosferatu bent down cradling Harker to her. Watched as the blood covered her hands, her face, her chest. Watched as she bit down hard on her own wrist trying to save him with her blood.

But it was too late. Harker was already dead.  Rolf then bent down digging his hand deep into Harker's chest, pulling out the glowing orb that was his soul, before shimmering away. The sound of the timber wolves as they howled like a creepy echo in his ears.

Rolf had a hard time then keeping things straight. The hologram had ended but the soul connection to our heroine held. He found himself sniffing an invisible body, found himself wanting to transform into a wolf and run through the kingdom looking for blood.  But instead he growled forcing his hands to work. Forcing the glowing orb in front of him to take form, forcing himself to concentrate on seeing the shape of what Harker used to look like in order to see what his next incarnation would be.

Only the new form never happened. There was only one version of Harker standing before him back in that bar. Rolf snorted as the image of the Fort suddenly took over his vision.

Nosferatu didn't need an invitation it was a public place. Pushing the gates open she stalked towards the Queen, breaking the neck of the guard to her left, then ripping the heart out of the one to her right. She continued stomping her way through the courtyard, a tunnel vision of her own. Three more guards found themselves missing limbs, their own swords sticking out of them as she passed.

The female slammed the severed skull on the table in front of the Queen. He sniffed as he stood straightening his tie before leaning towards her. The blood spilled across the table top and silently dripped on their shoes.

"I'm listening." The Queen said clearing his throat gesturing for the female to walk with him.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. There should be something cute here but I got nothing)

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