Friday, January 1, 2016

year 5 day 30

Movie: Mars Attacks
starring:Jack Nicholson, Sarah Jessica Parker
genre:Comedy, Sci-fi
format:TV Edit

plot: Aliens try to kill the American president and end up vaporizing half the planet.

There is a scene where Parker's character and Pierce Brosnan's characters are disembodied heads that still manage to be able to think and talk. I was watching that scene and thinking to myself, how low in their careers they must have been to do this movie?

The aliens are outsmarted by a teenager and his grandmother who has dementia, by cranking a Slim Whitman album.  I'm embarrassed for myself on the fact I knew that was Slim Whitman they used.

I've literally got nothing nice to say about this. With the star power it should have been a more enjoyable film, but it got really...stupid really quick. It just felt too disjointed to me, as if it were meant to be sequels instead of one film, and some how; was accidentally edited into one. The scenes with Nicholson as a sleazy hotel manager and Annette Bening as his hippy wife, were about the only interesting bits in this film. Which also ironically added to the disjointed feeling.

what do I think I learned? This movie would be amusing with the sound turned off and the song "Hanger 18" by Megadeth on constant replay in the background.

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