Saturday, January 23, 2016

Year 5 Day 52

starring: Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly
genre: Drama
year: 2012
format: Netflix Canada

plot: At a retirement home for opera singers and broadway musicians, a group who haven't sung together in over 30 years, reunite for a charity event

Based on the stage play

It's a slow going pace, that at times had me tempted to just give up on it and turn it off. The humour that Connolly's character manages to deliver though is about what kept me from doing that. He ends up playing this "naughty" senior who flirts with every one of the female staff at the retirement home, but at the same time manages to impart some pretty important plot points. He's the rational mind of the group.
The Smith character, comes into things, depressed and slightly angry at the world. But soon finds herself regretting having left her friends years before.

I really wasn't overly thrilled with this one. It took it's time really creating the chemistry I thought the characters should have had to begin with. They are suppose to be four people who not only were friends and worked together for a few years in their younger days, but lovers who knew each other's every angle. It just didn't feel like that for me.

what did I learn? No matter how you dress it, I'm just not an opera fan.

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