Sunday, January 3, 2016

Year 5 Day 32

movie: Life Stinks
starring: Mel Brooks, Jeffrey Tambor
genre: Comedy
format: TV Edit

plot: A millionaire makes a bet that he can't survive for 30 on the street with nothing. When the 30 days is up, he tries to return home only to find he's been double crossed.

I heard "Mel Brooks" and was expecting the usual slapstick goofy stuff, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was just a comedy. The story is solid enough, and is played straight. I could have done without the cheesy dance scene in the middle of it. Totally pointless.

Jeffrey Tambor has only a few scenes, but from the second he comes on screen you know he's got bad intentions, which he plays brilliantly. The scene where he's at the party just standing there on the stairs looking down at Brooks' character is one of the best villain moves. And all he does is deliver his lines softly.

what did i learn? Never make bets that involve leaving your stuff to others.

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