Friday, January 8, 2016

Year 5 Day 37

movie: Moll Flanders
starring: Morgan Freeman, Robin Wright
year: 1996
format: TV Edit

plot: A young girl is taken from an orphanage, and delivered to her long lost mother, but along the way, she learns about her mother's past.

Loosely based on the book.

It's one of those stories within a story, which normally I like, but I don't know if it was just where it was a tv edit or if the movie is just choppy?  It I think is suppose to take place during the 1700's, I don't remember there being a mention of the year, if there was I missed it.
The plot seemed to be about independence for women during that time, but again, with it having been a tv edit, that could have been just the angle it was edited into. We're given an orphan who defies convention by becoming a prostitute, and the woman who runs the place on her own. Both would have been at that time considered rebellious on all levels. One could almost say, that was the ultimate freedom for a woman at that time in history.

what did I learn? Karma comes when you lest expect it.

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