Monday, January 4, 2016

year 5 day 33

movie: Peter's Friends
starring:Stephen Fry, Tony Slattery
genre:Comedy, Drama
year: 1992
format: TV Edit

plot:After the death of his parents, Peter invites his college buddies  to spend the holiday weekend with him with the intent to expose a big secret. But before that can happen, everyone's relationships will be tested, some in more ways then one.

You had me at Tony Slattery.

Emma Thompson plays this lonely cat lady, who throws herself at the character like a bug on a windshield, and does so beautifully. Given the fact most of the actors in this film; Thompson, Fry, Hugh Laurie, Slattery, have been  part of a comedy team for awhile before this movie was made, you feel like you're watching not a fictional movie but a documentary at times, the chemistry is so perfect.

The movie is formulaic, bit on the predictable side till you get to the end. Where you expect two of the characters to end up together -Fry's and Thompson's- you instead get a slightly different outcome. Not too mention, there is a bit of a lead up to another romantic twist when the characters played by Kenneth Brangah and Stephen Fry are working on a script for their play, and the simple way Fry's angled in the frame, his body language has you thinking there was something between them.

what did I learn? Reunions are terrible ideas

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