Thursday, January 14, 2016

Year 5 day 43

movie: Stonehenge Apocalypse
starring: Peter Wingfield, Misha Collins
genre: Sci-fi
year: 2010
format: TV Edit

plot: When a strange magnetic current changes the structure of stonehenge, it sets off a world wide chain reaction of destruction.

This is one of those "what if" movies, that at first glance seems so off the rails you settle in for a  mindless few hours. Only to find yourself midway through the movie and you're like "wait em second, there's a real theory here".  Which, I suppose is the bases of any sci-fi/apocalyptic film.

You've got an archeologist who becomes the leader of a end of world cult, a group of military scientists that have no clue, and a conspiracy theorist who is about the only one who is able to piece it all together.
The idea that stonehenge is the center point for a large timer that when activated by an ankh shaped key half way round the world, by an underground power source, that is basically a self destruct panic button...half way makes sense. 

what did I learn? I need to start paying more attention to studying crystal grids and how certain metals interact.

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