Sunday, January 17, 2016

Year 5 Day 46

movie: Bigger than the Sky
starring: John Corbett, Marcus Thomas
genre: Drama
year: 2005
format: TV Edit

plot: After getting dumped, a shy man auditions for his local theater group, and gets the lead in  Cyrano de Bergerac.

This is another of those stories where things seem to mirror themselves. The love triangle between the Thomas character Peter, the Corbett character Michael and the female lead, play out, similar at times to the triangle in Cyrano de Bergerac. The two men end up becoming best friends, and the Corbett character finds himself dealing with jealousy towards not just the new guy stealing his girl, but with not being the center of attention for the new best friend.

Sean Astin plays the character of a rival actor, who in his attempt to take over the role of Cyrano, begins to upstage the Corbett character, adding to an already strange rivalry. The two  have been going back and forth for years pulling practical jokes on the other, in order to get the upper hand in the local theater.

There is one scene where, you see the three leads leaving a bar together, and the character of Michael saying he forgot his script, having to run back in and get it. When he returns outside, he finds himself alone, both Peter and Grace having left together. You're left with him standing there in this emotional tunnel, wondering who hurt him more? As the Peter character grows into his own courage, we see the Michael character begin to peel back his own defenses, to discover his vulnerability.

what did I learn? More movies need sword fight scenes.

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