Friday, January 22, 2016

year 5 day 51

movie:Alien Resurrection
starring: Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder
genre; Sci-fi
year; 1997
format; TV Edit

plot: After cloning the dna of the one woman who was able to overthrow the predatory aliens hundreds of years before, the lab ship crew find themselves in a game of us vs them. I know I've seen one of the other movies in this series before like a million years ago, but thankfully this was pretty much a stand alone-ish film.

The Weaver character is cloned and ends up a bit of a hybrid, which makes sense. We watch her go through moments of strange curiosity as she stares wide eyed at things/people moving her head in a snake like way. So right off the bat after the first few minutes I'm happy doing my little geek chair dance because ITS A FRANKENSTEIN movie. Yay!  There is even a scene where the character is waking up after a surgery where she's dressed in a medical gown that just screams Bride of Frankenstein. I mean, man you've even got the whole mad scientist thing going on with the Brad Dourif character, who is like the master of scary. (I know I'm not the only one who the second they hear his voice flash back to the original Child's Play and just ...shivers...)

And then the rest is a typical survival story as all the ones the aliens didn't eat or crush, go running through the broken main ship trying to get to the cargo ship and leave.

The Ryder character ends up being a cyborg, which again layers on the Frankenstein idea of creating something stronger, then it's natural predecessor.
And of course, you then have the alien queen who because her dna was mixed with Ripley's is a sort of hybrid herself. She in turn births another more advanced hybrid.  Each creature destroying it's creator (the queen kills the mad scientist, the newborn kills the queen) until Ripley is left to face the newborn hybrid.

what did I learn? There really are only three types of stories; monster or tragic love or revenge.

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