Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coffee Talk Wolves

 Okay, so weird.  Ripping out recipes from old magazines, and came across this photo of three baby wolf pups.
I don't know if you can get a clear see on this or not, but when I saw this photo in the magazine, I right away started to laugh out loud, cause of the story I've been writing The Nosferatu Adventures.

And there are three wolves, one sort of caramel coloured, one clearly onyx coloured, and one sort of auburn coloured. And the auburn one is the one who looks like he's bored. 
Dude, seriously, isn't that just way too cute and like totally perfect?  Okay yeah I'm geeking out a lot, but I just think that's fabulous my dear Spudguns! 

I wish I could get this clearer, but I had to use my webcam for it.  Finding that totally made my morning.

carry on

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