Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quote of the Day- Aug 3rd 2013

I haven't done one of these in months, so thought I would simply because I've got a line from Hard Core Logo stuck in my head.  Literally, woke up and this line was stuck in my mind.

The scene where the band is hanging out on Bucky's farm, after having just made the music video while on acid.

Pipefitter - I killed a f***ing goat

Billy Tallent- Pipe, we all drank it's blood.

Okay, it's Hard Core Logo, I can't just stop at one quote... this is one of my favourite scenes, the one where they are stopped on the highway at sunset/sunrise and start letting off steam, after days of being stuck together tip toeing around the situations..


Joe Dick- Okay let's get a few things in the open, Pipe the hotel guy from Regina called you s*** on a f***ing pillow wiped your ass with a f***ing bedspread. Hey you know that's uncool. I don't get that, what the f*** is that?

Pipefitter- I didn't have any toilet paper.

Joe- No that's just nuts. And Johnny, your f***ing writing is nuts, you're not taking your medicine, you're fueling something dangerous, John...Johnny...I'm trying to help you.

John Oxenberger- What do you know about dangerous (as he slams into him over and over) Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson, Danger...(Joe covers his mouth)

Joe- I'm trying to help you, I'm trying to help you, you've got to relax! We've got three days left and you've got to chill. I'm you're friend and you've got to chill. You must listen to me.

Pipe- Hey what about Billy? Doesn't he get a little dicky action too?

Joe- That's true, that's true. Bill I guess we can, can the rockstar s***. No, we can, can the rockstar s***. That's all.

Billy Tallent- What are you going to do? What are you going to do? F***ing bite me? F***ing mohawk boy. I didn't f*** up, you're a major f*** up! You f***ed up last night got our money ripped off, you f***ed up four years ago, you go out of your f***ing way to f*** me! Is that honest enough for you Mr. Writing in the Journalist S***? And f*** you too! (he turns to Pipefitter)

I know I talk about this film a lot. But it is one that has embedded itself into my life, and is one of the best expressions of Canadian pop culture. From the book to the movie to the soundtrack, there is just something so alive about the story.

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