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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 27

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 27, chapter 27

Reuben ran through the darkened woods, the sun having set and the moon spotlighting the ground. The scent was thicker towards the foot of the mountains, and as he followed it, he found himself on a trail that was familiar.
The tall werewolf found himself standing in front of the house having belonged to the old witch he'd hunted few days before. The day they had met our heroine. He remembered having taken what he could find in the kitchen afterwards, loading up a basket of freshly baked goods. Witch or not, she had been one hell of a gingerbread baker.

He spotted smoke coming from the chimney. Someone had taken up residence in the abandoned house already. Slowly, he crept around the edge of the place, peeking into the windows. What he saw startled him. It was the Seer, bent over a large pot stirring it. The Seer looked up smiling.
Raising his hand, he made a motion inviting Reuben in. The werewolf twitched as he felt the spell wrap around him, causing his own magic to dissipate. The mist swirling first then his clothes just disappearing.

"What part of no one can do magic but me in my scared circle did you not understand before?" The Seer said, leaning against the door frame. "And this, actually thanks to you, is now another one of my favourite new sacred places." he gestured first to the wolf then to the house. "See now I don't know what your issue is with dinning on witches, but thank you. Cause of you lunching on the witch who used to live here, all the charms and protection spells she had in place keeping me out, have gone. You slaughter the witch you slaughter their spells." he smiled again, touching his thumb to his lips.

"And why oh why would she have been keeping you out?" Reuben's voice dropped to a near growl as he glared at him from under his hair.

"Haven't you ever heard of a woman scorned? She was more then a little pissed when she found out that I was sleeping with both her grand daughters and half the coven." he picked at his nails then smoothed down his hair. "I pretty much got what I was needing from them anyways by then."

"Oh yeah something that needs an anti-itch cream I hope."

The Seer gave a giggle. "You're funny." he turned to look inside at what he had boiling. "Well if you must know, it was this." he rotated his right arm hand straight out towards Reuben, sending a bolt of energy straight into him. Reuben fell to his knees gasping for air. "And that, that is just a taste of the energy I got from them." the Seer replied turning back towards the house. "You really don't want to see how much power I truly have."

"Then why were you so scared of us back at the Fort? Or was that just for show?"

"Back then, I was scared. I was scared because I still had something." he moved towards the werewolf again his finger wagging. "Something that until last night, I thought I couldn't live without. My soul."


Our heroine was starting to feel like she was never going to get out of the situation. She tugged on the chains, but it was no good, they were bound by magic. "It's like being Blade but in revise instead of having all the powers and none of the weaknesses, I've got none of the powers of the vampire and all of the weaknesses. Well I suck."  she let out a deep sigh looking around the room. There was no indication of where they were. The room was just a plan looking space with a few candles, some scattered books, the bed and the side table and the one main table with the chair. Closing her eyes, she gave in to the idea that she was doomed.
She could hear the sound of water coming from somewhere, the waves crashing every few seconds. Was she near the docks? She relaxed as she tried to figure out where she might be, taking the time to try to come up with an escape plan. The silence was freaking her out a bit, and she started to sing to keep herself calm.


Dagan and Rolf were half way to the Fort, when Dagan stopped. His ears twitched as he caught the sound. Rolf stopped as well turning to look at his friend. (get ready for the links to the flashbacks)

"You heard that right? I'm not loosing it and starting to hear voices." Dagan asked, his shoulders hunched, arms out from his sides. (and in pure RHPS fashion we would scream no Dagan that's a different WRESTLER)

"Yeah, I heard it." Rolf replied. "Sounds like the mermaids are trapping their pirates again."

Dagan shook his head. "When the HELL have you ever heard a mermaid sing off key... or a Dark Lotus song  for that matter?" a grin spread across his pale features. Turning back towards the docks, Dagan began running.

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