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Year 2 Mid-Season rest of the story 29

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 29, chapter 29

Dagan cracked his neck rotating his shoulders like he was about to step into a boxing match. "Oh and one more thing."  Everything went black as our heroine felt the werewolf's strong arms around her neck, and the snapping sound.  "I'm not carrying her."

"I carried her dead body last time. It's your turn." Rolf remarked but it was already too late, Dagan had sprinted off leaving the larger stronger man to lift the heavy body of our heroine. "Remember when you wake up to bite him in the ass or something."

The scream ripped from her throat as she sat bolt up right awhile later. Rolf let out a deep sigh from where he was leaning against a crypt. Dagan was sitting across from him, on a tomb swinging his legs like a kid, as he covered his ears.

"That I'm not going to miss." he jumped down from his seat rubbing his hands together. "Well, we've finally done our job. Finally. Well his job actually." the grin on Dagan's face was bright and showed off his dimples. "I'm sure you'd like to say goodbye to Reuben, but he's not here. Don't have a clue where he is, so you're out of luck...owe!" a large handful of pebbles bounced off his lower back and elbow. "That wasn't very nice." he said over his shoulder to Rolf. 

Rolf grunted as he leaned over picking up a leather bag handing it to our heroine. Her lunchbox and binder were inside.  "Ash made the bag. One of his leather works."

"Thanks." she nodded to Rolf. "Okay then." she got down from the tomb she had been laying on, dusting off her clothes, as she looked around. "Now what?"

"I think you're suppose to go through that crypt door." Rolf pointed to the small structure he'd been leaning against.

"But the King is still trapped and the Seer is still plotting his ritual, which he can't pull off if I'm not here so right...leaving would be best." her voice was low nearly breathless. Turning she moved towards the crypt but hesitated.

"Somethings are better left unsaid." Rolf replied raising his hand then flicking his hair out of his eyes. Our heroine nodded as she turned back to the crypt, unlocking the little iron latch and pulled open the gate. It was pitch black inside, making the small crypt seem endless.
The two werewolves turned and took a few steps back towards the woods when they both heard a strange flapping sound followed by a growl. In unison they turned back around just as a large set of glowing yellow eyes pierced the darkness of the crypt and two winged arms wrapped around our heroine tightly dragging her into the darkness.  Both men ran towards the crypt, but found themselves flying backwards into headstones. One of the tombs shattered as Rolf crashed into it, rolling down a small hill.
Dagan was back on this feet a half second later, in front of the crypt but it was no good. There was some sort of invisible wall keeping him out. Pounding his fists against what should have been the opening of the crypt, he looked like a frustrated mime. 

"That was not suppose to happen!" he kicked at it over and over again, accomplishing nothing.

"It's over. There's nothing you can do." Rolf said as he stumbled towards his buddy. He shook his head, realizing there was something in his eye. Dagan turned to look at him and swore.

"Hold still.This is going to hurt a lot." he pulled the chunk of thorned vine from Rolf's face, as the larger man roared in pain. "We need to find Reuben."


The Seer let out a scream as the vision flashed in front of his eyes, knocking him to the ground. As it did so, the spell he had wrapped around Reuben weakened enough for him to get loose completely. Reuben was standing over the Seer, his claws having torn strips from his shoulder, as he bit down hard. Our heroine had been right, the Seer's blood had tasted like pure salt water. Reuben nearly vomited it back up as it burned his throat when he swallowed.

"She's gone. Gone!" the Seer was weeping now, frantic with pain.

Wiping the back of his hand over his mouth, Reuben gave a small laugh. "Of course she's gone. The others would have found her by now. So whatever little plan you have, it's never going to happen."

"No you don't understand, she's gone! Gone gone. As in, never coming back gone." the Seer screamed clutching his shoulder, blood pouring everywhere.

"I guess they took her to the graveyard. Hope Dagan's alright." he grabbed him by the back of the neck and started hauling him to his feet. "Come on, you've got some explaining to do still. Besides, you've got about two hours before you turn."  he licked his lips smiling wide.
They caught up to Rolf and Dagan not too far from the edge of the woods. The gash on Rolf's face already half healed.  "Something go wrong?"

"Very." Rolf said flicking his hair out of his face again. "Something was waiting for her on the other side of the crypt. Something that wasn't suppose to be, and there's some wall keeping us out."

"Are you sure it wasn't suppose to meet up with her?" Reuben asked. The larger werewolf shook his head wincing in pain.

"The magic ninjas would have said if we had to pass her off to someone. Something went wrong. And Dagan's already having a meltdown." he pointed towards Dagan who was walking in circles a few feet away, mumbling to himself, his hands pointing like he was talking to someone.

"Damn it! I knew we should have broken their bond before she left. What are we going to do huh?" Reuben's voice rose a few notches. With the mention of his name, Dagan wandered over to them.

"Where's...where's Harker?" his eyes were the amber-grey of the werewolf as he rolled his shoulders, hunching over towards them.


Harker had heard first the scream in the distance of the Banshee and started to walk in the direction it had come from. It wasn't long before he then heard the roar echoing that Rolf had given. He grabbed his crossbow, raising it on the ready as he silently stepped around the edge of the woods. He hadn't seen his brother and Rolf leave the graveyard, hadn't seen them trying to move into the crypt. But he did see the door to the crypt was wide open. Slowly, he crept up to the structure, peering inside. It smelled of damp earth and dust, and something else that he just could not place.
He had his back to the opening when a sound grabbed his attention from inside. A familiar sound. The sound of large bats as they moved around in the darkness. Taking a deep breath, Harker moved closer to the opening of the crypt stepping over the threshold.

Dagan and the others were just returning to the graveyard as Harker disappeared inside the crypt.

"Harker!" Dagan screamed for his brother as he ran back to the crypt. Once again, he hit the invisible wall and went tumbling backwards into the gravestones. For whatever reason the werewolves were unable to enter.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (another straight up story piece. We're almost done.)

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