Monday, August 12, 2013

Random coffee talk Aug 12th

Sitting here, thinking I really need to get some new photos done soon. Thinking, hey this is a movie blog and I don't have one single video on it, so why not make a short something...only I have no idea how to make a short something with this PC.
When I used to have my MAC, I made short somethings constantly. Unfortunately, they died with the MAC and I haven't thought about them since. 

So, spent the last 45 minutes trying to figure out the video maker on this machine, and it's got nothing for music making and no sound effects and like two visual effects. Sort of depressing. But I'll come up with something later.

Then I was thinking, and I know I posted about this months ago on another of my blogs...when soap operas do a scene where they have an accident do they just have their normal make-up people do the cuts and bruises or do they bring in make-up people from other shows? 
Seriously, are make-up people from night time cop/doctor dramas brought in or what?  And do those soap opera make-up people who do normally just beauty make-up, ever have to do horror film make-up training?  And horror film make-up people, or night time cop/doctor shows, do they have to spend days in a morgue being trained to do morgue make-up?

These are the weird things that run through my mind for no reason when I'm having coffee.

Aren't you glad you stopped by this neighbourhood this morning for coffee?

And for those of you reading The Nosferatu Adventures, next season isn't that far away. I can't wait a whole year to bring back my characters. I'm going to be writing the next few installments and have them ready in time for Hallowe'en.
Just clearing out my mind right now, catching up on the last few months of TNA Impact that I've missed, on the Spike website. (Hail Sabin)

Remember my Spudguns! I'm only ever as deep as the bottom of my empty coffee cup.

till later.
Love Ardeth Blood.

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