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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 28

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 28, chapter 28

Dagan and Rolf followed the sound of the singing till they reached the foot of the lighthouse.  There was a large silver lock on the main entrance, that when Dagan saw it, slammed both his hands into the door. "Silver!" he took a step backwards, our heroine's voice now screaming in his ears. He guessed they were about fifty feet away. "There has got to be another way to get in this place?"

Rolf tapped him on the shoulder. "Can always go up." he pointed to a few windows that seemed to mark floors, and what looked like a fire escape about midway. Only there wasn't any ladder.  Nodding Dagan took another few feet backwards, then ran towards the lighthouse base, his nails glass like points, as he dug them into the foundations. Swinging his legs up, the werewolf managed to get to the fire escape, breaking the window.  Rolf was a few feet behind him.

They found our heroine still magically tied to the bed, books scattered everywhere. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel...where for art wait that's not right." Dagan said as he walked towards her. "And this is the last time I'm saving your fat ass." he pointed at her taking a deep breath. "Next time you can find some other poor unfortunate soul to climb walls and have minnows tangled in his hair." (get ready for the one link for the flashback)

" My KNIGHT in shinning armor. Minnows?" our heroine asked as her eyebrows raised.

"Long story and shut up! My ears are going to start bleeding with your voice ringing in them."  he examined the lock. "Okay I can't figure this out." he let his hand slap his thigh. "No lock. All magic."

"The large purple book on the table. He read from it earlier when he unchained me, then slapped another binding spell on me when I needed the toilet."

Rolf smiled as he grabbed the book. "This one?" he started to flip through the book. "I can't read this. It's like some strange language I've never seen before."

Dagan started to read over the larger man's shoulder, his eyes squinted up. "Of course, couldn't be easy or anything. What we need is a translator."  the words were barely out of his mouth when he swore he heard laughing. "Hey, didn't I tell you to stop singing?"

"It wasn't me this time." our heroine replied.

Rolf's left hand then started to glow with a strange orange colour. "Uh guys..."  he stopped mid-thought as the pages of the book started to flip on their own, landing on a page marked with a card. He took the card, flipping it over seeing the face side looked familiar. Took him a few long seconds to realize it was the calling card of the Magic Ninjas. He handed the card then to Dagan, his left hand brushing across the page.  As he did, the words began to shift around, and he was able to read the spell. "Thanks." he said looking up at the ceiling. "Wherever you are."

Rolf hadn't realized he still had some of the extra magic they had given him as part of the deal when he agreed to help get our heroine to the graveyard, in exchange for helping get his brothers out of the Fort.
He read the spell, unlocking the chains, letting our heroine free herself from the bed. The three of them then ran down the winding stairs, and to the front door of the lighthouse. From the inside, Dagan was able to kick the door open.

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