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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 31, chapter 31

Our heroine found herself feeling sick. The need for werewolf blood had taken a hold of her with a brutal force. Laying face down on the floor of the cell, she had no choice but to give into the withdrawals. The sweating, the coldness on her flesh followed by hot flashes. If she didn't know better, she'd swear it was the flu and menopause rolled up in one. Closing her eyes, she could hear the sound of blood rushing around her. Someone was close, within grabbing distance. Licking her lips, she waited, listening to the echoes of footsteps, the expectation of the smell of blood tickled at the back of her throat.
Only the smell of blood never came.

He was crouched down beside her, silent, hazy, smiling wide at her. His hair long dark pulled back in a ponytail, his eyes of the werewolf. Leaning over he spoke to her, whispered something in another language that she just could not understand. Then he patted the bag Rolf had given her. Our heroine reached out a very pale hand to him, but it went through him causing the image to disappear.
The King had astral projected to her. Turning her eyes up, she looked at the leather bag deciding to open it. There was nothing different then before. Just her binder and her lunchbox.
Opening the lunchbox, she found the mini dream catcher that Dagan had made for her. Sitting up, she smiled to herself. She already missed the roughness of his attitude, missed Reuben's sweetness, Rolf's steadiness, missed Ash's understanding. Damn, she thought to herself as she slammed her head back against the wall. She'd only known them for a few days, and to say she was attached was an understatement. Grabbing the leather bag again, she put the dream catcher back into the lunchbox and it back into the bag. That's when she noticed the zipper on the inside. Opening it, she put her hand into the pocket. She nearly laughed out loud for joy when she pulled out the four bottles of dark liquid.
They each had a label on them, A, Ro, Re, and Don't drink me! She figured the last one had been donated by Dagan.
Opening the one labeled A, she drank only a few drops. Just enough to get her through the worst of it. There was no telling how long she'd be without another werewolf around. Or anyone to feed off of for that matter.


He couldn't sleep. The dark haired werewolf tossed and turned, his mind everywhere as he first threw his arm over his eyes, the moon just too bright that night. Then he gave in and sat up, listening.  His ears twitched, his senses on alert. There was someone else with them. Reuben let his eyes turn as he crouched, sitting on his heels, ready, his arms tense.
The other wolf walked around the perimeter of the camp, paying them no attention at first, his nose to the ground. When it was in range, it looked up twitching it's nose, staring right at Reuben. He was auburn, the same colour as Dagan, but he had no scent. Reuben did not growl, he stayed silent as he watched this new wolf as it snorted and went back to what it was doing.  It finished circling the area, then just took off into the woods. He didn't understand it, how could another werewolf not have a scent?  And why had it invaded their camp without so much as a growl or anything?
Getting up, he decided to follow it.


"I need to eat." the Seer said as they continued to climb a small hill. They had been walking for almost two hours, without any indication of finding our heroine, or food for that matter. Harker nodded in agreement, and decided it was time to make a camp.

"You should have turned an hour ago. Why haven't you?" Harker asked the Seer.

"I put a binding spell on it. As long as I can eat soon, as long as I can control my hunger, I should be able to hold off with the first transformation."

"That sounds unhealthy. And surprisingly dirty." Harker said off handedly as he dug into his leather messenger's bag, finding the small bundle of sandwiches and fruit "Here. This should help. I spotted a stream that way, I'll try catching some fish or something." he handed him some of the food and gestured towards the left of them. "Think you can catch a rabbit or something?"  The Seer's face lit up when he heard the word rabbit. He suddenly started to lick his lips, his stomach growling unnaturally loud. "I've seen Reuben catch them with ease." Harker commented as he headed towards the stream.


Dagan was sitting on the ground, his back up against a tree as he continued on with his task. His skin was clammy and waxy-pale, his eyes the amber-grey of the wolf, his nails long sharp glass like, and what looked like two days worth of beard. A thin line of foamy saliva seemed to never end as it dripped from his bottom fangs, unnoticed onto his bare chest. "...five, six pick up the sticks, seven eight, break the beak straight, nine ten..." he mumbled to himself as he started to rock back and forth, his hands still moving with the werewolf speed.

Ash and Rolf stood by the edge of the garden, behind Ash's cabin, wondering what to do with him. He hadn't slept at all since his brother Harker had gone after our heroine, nor had he completely let himself transform one way or the other. Dagan, seemed to be locked in some sort of  semi-permanent state of the beginning stage of transforming. Not fully wolf, no longer fully human either.

"Has he eaten anything?" Ash asked. Rolf shrugged shaking his head.

"Na. Just a few snakes and pigeons. And that's just for the snake fangs, and feathers."

"What's he doing?" Ash squinted as he handed Rolf a cup of coffee.

"By my count, his 50th dream catcher." He gestured to the side of the cabin and the one tree nearest the garden. Dagan had hung dream catchers everywhere, from the windows, the stairs, the doors, and the trees. He'd even started to add a few to the scarecrow in the back of the garden. "He mumbled something about decorating the tree, right before he started to decorate the scarecrow."

Ash made a face, tilting his head at the larger male. "Scarecrow?"  He turned to look at the larger man before heading in the direction of the scarecrow.  To their relief, it was just that, a large scarecrow made out of grass, corn husks, and material. Feathers came out of every direction, and it was covered in the little dream catchers. But, all around it, Dagan had dug a circle, and had made little corn dollies out of husks.

"The alter goes over there." he said, crawling towards them as he pointed to the north.

"What alter?" Rolf asked.

"The one...the one I need...need you to not touch." he brought his fingers up to his lips in a ssshhing gesture. "You can't touch it. Can't, or else she won't bless it." he rotated his shoulders wiping the drool from his mouth.

"Who?" Ash asked.


"Why?" Ash continued.

"To make sure Harker comes back. And it's okay if  he brings the female with him." he started to chew on a piece of what looked like snake tail.

"Um...I don't think that's a good idea." Rolf said as he watched Dagan turn in a circle having dropped the snake tail, pick it up wipe it on his shoulder and continue to chew on it, the end of it sticking out from between his bottom fangs.

"I have to do this! He's my brother! I need to know he's protected!" Dagan screamed then growled at him, snapping at his buddy.

"Maybe, Loki would be a better choice then? Mmm. The god of shapeshifters." Rolf replied crossing his arms over his chest, flicking his hair out of his face. Dagan looked at him for a few long seconds, then smiled wide. (get ready for the links to the flashbacks)

"You're right. Much better." he nodded, Jumping, "Besides, it's a Sunday." then sprinted off into the woods.

The Two men looked at each other before breaking out in a fit of laughter. "That would have been a bit of a mess. Trying to call upon a virgin goddess without a single virgin in the group." Ash could barely get the sentence out he was laughing so hard.

"Imagine if he actually succeeded, we'd all be turned into stone or something when she realized...but seriously, he's going off the deep end." Rolf replied.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes, I know, I said around Hallowe'en, but I couldn't wait to get back to those furballs)

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