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Year 2 Mid-Season rest of the story 26

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 26, chapter 26

The Seer grabbed a chair, bringing it over to the side of the bed, and sat down putting his hand on our heroine's wrist, drawing circles again. A wave of dizziness ran though her, causing her eyes to roll back slightly. "I would love to stay and chat some more...but oh look at the time." he said pointing to the empty spot on his own arm. "I'm needed somewhere for a few hours. So, you are going to take a dose of blood now, so that you're not whatever it is you become, before I get back." he reached for the leather bag again, taking one of the bottles out, uncorking it. Grabbing her face again, he forced her to drink.

"How you plan on keeping me alive if your portals work? You can't bring the King."

He laughed, a hint of real amusement on his face. "Werewolves, I can create. That's never been a problem. I've spent the last few years studying their blood. I've had to. It's one of the ingredients for my ritual." he gave a short gasp of mock horror covering his mouth with his hand. "Oh no! Now you know one of my big deep dark secrets." he ran his hand over his stomach. "Relax, I'll be back in a few hours once I've fed our little furry frozen friend and done some more of the Queen's spells for him." The Seer made a low grunting sound as he stretched. "We've got to find something better for you to wear. A dress maybe?"


"So what do you think will happen to my brother if she doesn't make it?" Harker asked Reuben as they turned the corner of the village near the south side, and found themselves close to the mountains. Reuben shook his head, his shoulders relaxed.

"To be honest, I don't know." he heard a sound off in the distance, hooves crunching on fallen branches. His stomach growled bitterly as the werewolf cracked his neck, his eyes closed.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm great. Nothing to worry about, I'll be better once I eat." Letting out another deep breath, he put up his right hand telling Harker to stay put for a few minutes before disappearing into the woods.
The sound he had heard, had been a deer and didn't take much for him to track. Pouncing on the animal, Reuben's eyes turned to the amber-grey of the werewolf, his nails glass like points, his fangs exposed. Falling to his knees, he tore the creature, blood dripping on him, on the ground under him, the sound an echo to his sensitive ears.
Getting up, he didn't even bother to bury what was left of  it. Didn't bother to wipe his face, as he licked his lips. The hot stickiness of the crimson liquid dried quickly, staining his beard.

Crouching back down, he closed his eyes. There was someone else, or at lest something else in the area. Sniffing, he caught the scent of sandalwood and nutmeg. Turning towards where the scent was coming from, Reuben began running towards it.


"You calm now?" Rolf asked. Dagan nodded, still trying to catch the goldfish.

"Fine. I just want to find the stupid...and tear her limb from limb." he stood up flicking the remaining water from his hands at the ground. "I mean, who does that? Why do that? What good is she to anyone anyway?" he leaned towards Rolf, his right hand pointing to his chest. "Huh? Really? What good is she?" he licked the corner of his upper lip, walking in a circle. "She's a Banshee! All she can do is let you know when someone has died. And it's annoying. Rest of the time she's spouting stuff about...stuff no one understands and...and...and...making goo-goo eyes at Reuben."

Rolf smiled "And your brother."

"And my brother." Dagan said pinching the bridge of his nose. He bent down, sitting on his heels pressing his palm flat on his forehead, eyes shut tight. "The thought of that gives me a headache."

"And the Seer." Rolf added flicking his hair out of his face, shrugging as he started to walk again.

"And the" Dagan's voice trailed off, as he stood up straight, rotating his shoulders. "The Seer." he repeated, as he threw his head back letting out a deep scream. "Okay just...just...just what if we say she's right about her little theory on the Seer being up to something? And what if the Seer had some vision about her figuring him out..."

Rolf grunted. "Right behind you."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (another straight up piece of the story)

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